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Do you feel frustrated with the way you use your time?

Tired of watching your dreams take a back seat year after year?

Are you ready to make the goals you set for 2011 into realities?

Want to live the moments of your life more fully?



Then you definitely want to discover Paula Eder's
Secrets of Heart-Based Time Management
by grabbing your very own copy of
Stepping Stones to Success

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the new book that features Paula with other heart-based
experts like Deepak Chopra, Jack Canfield,
and Dr. Denis Waitley!

    Stepping Stones to Success is chock full of exclusive interviews with a really amazing group of heart-based experts - and I am so pleased to be included among them!

In my chapter, “Secrets of Heart-Based Time Management,” I share my proven system for harnessing the power of your mind, your body and your spirit to help you identify and prioritize your goals and create your path for achieving them.

I am so excited to offer this unique and actionable information to you!


"Often a great deal of energy is bound up in people's unresolved questions about what is truly most important. It takes courage, compassion, and persistance ... But as my clients work toward finding their unique answers, and as central priorities emerge, an enormous amount of vitality is released! People report that they feel 'more like themselves,' and of course this is very inspiring."


Covering proven strategies on time management, success, life balance, and spiritual health, these in depth interviews provide practical and heart-based ideas to get you moving as you embrace yourself and your own uniqueness!


In addition to my chapter, you’ll enjoy thought-provoking chapters from:

  • Jack Canfield, expert on self-esteem and peak performance, and co-author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series.
  • Dr. Denis Waitley, bestselling author of Seeds of Greatness, Being the Best, Empires of the Mind ... and many other excellent books.
  • Deepak Chopra, sage, physician, writer and speaker who has been described by Time Magazine as the "poet-prophet of alternative medacine."
  • Lynn Jeffress, coach, organizational consultant, and Founder and President of Imagined Future, Inc.
  • Rick Miller, founder of Choices and Success and an experienced business leader whose work focuses on Enlightened Living and Enlightened Leadership.
  • And much, much more!

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    Stepping Stones to Success is a must read for those who want to learn from some of the most knowledgeable and innovative thinkers of our time.    

Here you will discover:

  • New ideas about how to enrich your personal and work life.
  • Exactly what you need to unleash your creativity.
  • How to access the amazing possibilities you hold inside.
  • What is truly important for you.

How? By helping you:

  • Unleash your untapped energy and potential;
  • Recognize and resolve the old 'scripts' that hold you back; and
  • Achieve success through actionable goals.
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    You see, once you know your goal, you need a path for reaching it.

And once you have your path, you need to take steps toward your goal.

Stepping Stones to Success will help you actualize your goal and path ...

... AND empower yourself!


Paula Eder’s chapter in Stepping Stones to Success titled “Secrets of Heart-Based Time Management” offers a window on her unique approach to time management.

I am someone who has always approached time management systems with a healthy dose of skepticism – and I have to say that I find the depth and comprehensiveness of Paula’s approach very refreshing.

    It’s one thing to offer me tips about cleaning out my in-box or using a timer to help me structure tasks and keep to a schedule.  It’s quite another to encourage me to look behind my time challenges and explore where their roots lie. 

In fostering a climate of ever-expanding and deepening discovery, Paula’s system offers solutions that are founded in self-knowledge.  They have a resonance and a wisdom that I find to be very unusual in the time management sphere. 

As she says in her chapter, “Ultimately, those who have lost themselves in their work can find themselves through this heart-based exploration.  By aligning their time choices with their deepest values, they free themselves to live with power and integrity.”

I am so glad that Paula is sharing her compelling coaching process in this way.  I have savored “Secrets of Heart-Based Time Management” and hope you will, too! 

Jordy Cornog
Canterbury, NH

    So don't wait ... Stepping Stones  
    ... start your journey ...  
    ... stepping stone by stepping stone ...  
    ... into a more successful, satisfying, & Heart-Based 2011!


“It is a back and forth journey. You travel inward to align your values into a hierarchy of priorities. Then you apply those priorities as time choices to your daily life. As you do this over and over, you develop a congruence/ steadfastness that is deeply satisfying."




In Stepping Stones to Success Paula Eder describes her heart-based time management system.  Based on her years of coaching experience and personal exploration, Paula’s time management system fully involves the whole person. 

Because Paula’s heart-based vision engages the mind, body and spirit, it is sustainable over the long haul. It has helped me recognize that my choices about time are, essentially, choices about the way I live my life.

In her chapter, “Secrets of Heart-Based Time Management” Paula outlines how she helps her clients come to the realization that “every choice is a time choice.  Every single time choice that you make, no matter how small or large it may seem, shapes your overall relationship with time.”

Paula’s organic, personalized, and highly practical approach not only offers a clear path for better managing time, but also helps clear the way for a more authentic connection with myself.  This, in turn, enhances my ability to be present in every moment.

As Paula puts it so clearly in her chapter in Stepping Stones to Success, “I am not talking about frantically juggling elements of your life that you have not prioritized.  No, this is about placing yourself in the moment, being fully present, and feeling and expressing gratitude for your environment, your choices, and your life.”

This is a time management system that works! I recommend this book, and Paula’s system, to anyone who wants to live more fully and authentically in each moment.

Jane D.
Webster, NH


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