Aging and You – Here are 5 Tips to Help You Navigate the Transitions

Aging.  What images spring to mind when you hear that word? Do you recoil? Deny? Pretend? Or do you embrace this life transition and all that it holds for you? Pause for a moment and consider how the idea of aging fits into your world. Like time, the aging process is not something that we…

Paula, Time Carries Me Forward, But I Don’t Feel 65!

Time can be so mysterious. It looks different to us, depending on our age, and on what we believe about it. That’s what struck me when I read a recent e-mail from one of our e-zine subscribers. Her particular challenge is about turning 65 — and her quandary illuminates a universal experience. Time, since it’s always…

Growing Older — Find Time to Appreciate the Experience

Growing older is an experience that happens to all of us, if we are lucky. It’s universal and it’s happening all the time, whether we acknowledge it or not. And growing older brings with it changes that can be challenging on a number of fronts. So, today I want to explore a topic that many…

Growing Older-You, Your Feelings, and Your Time

Growing older is a process that we all experience … if we are lucky.  And as the years accumulate, our feelings about this process shift and evolve. I recently celebrated a birthday, and wrote briefly about it in the soon-to-be published Finding Time E-zine.  (If you’d like to receive a copy, just sign up here before…

Priorities – Using Life Experiences to Enrich and Deepen Them Over Time

Priorities can be difficult to sort out sometimes – especially in all the clamor of everyday life. Have you noticed that? And sometimes it feels like that is compounded by aging.

Aging: Owning Your Journey with Some Timely Tips

Aging is an incremental and profound process that we all experience. And yet, it’s also a process that we tend to be in denial about.  In denial, that is, until some change makes our aging undeniable! But being proactive about accepting and adapting to our aging makes each day easier and more 

Time and Regret: Mining the Lessons Then Letting Go

Time and regret are words you may not often see associated on a blog that’s focused on managing your time for business and personal success. But our focus here is on Heart-Based Time ManagementTM.  And regret, if you think about it, has a huge impact on our hearts … and