Flexibility and Goals – Can They Co-Exist?

Flexibility on the Beach

Flexibility and your goals – a powerful combination.

Flexibility is so important in our fast-paced, ever-changing world. And yet, what goals, dreams and ambitions seem to call for are qualities like focus, discipline, and determination.

So can you exercise flexibility and still hold goals as priorities? How is it possible to hold these two important attributes — flexibility and being goal-directed — and find time success? [Read more…]

Too Much to Do, Too Little Time – Is This You?

Person with too much to do

Too much to do … is this you?

Having too much to do is a refrain that becomes especially common at this time of year. Indeed, the winter holidays, while joyous and fun are also a time of overload and overwhelm for many.

So if you’re grappling with this challenge, you may well find that even after prioritizing, making lists, and delegating whatever tasks you can, you still end up feeling you’ve got too much to do –  [Read more…]

5 Focus Tips to Power Up Your Productivity and Find Time

Focused Dog

Focus – Here’s how to find it!

Focus isn’t easy to come by these days. We’re constantly bombarded with information and easily distracted.

We want answers ‘right now’ and are likely to grab our phones or tablets to search for an interesting tidbit at the drop of a hat. [Read more…]

Projects – Manage Expectations and Find Time


Projects – how are you managing?

As fall unfolds, how many projects do you have on our plate?

And, more to the point, how are you managing them?

Whether you’re in school, a parent, an entrepreneur or a coach, you probably have lots of projects percolating and maybe an equal number coming due. It  [Read more…]

Ghostery Add-On for Privacy and Security in No Time!

Ghostery Logo

Ghostery puts the controls in your hands.

Ghostery is a privacy solution for individuals and businesses that empowers users to manage the trackers that follow them on-line.

The company was founded in 2009, and its browser add-on allows you to decide who can access your data.

So much of what we do on-line is tracked these days – and in some cases we may not mind that. [Read more…]