Dropbox Update — This Go-To Productivity Tool Has a New Look!

Dropbox is a ubiquitous file-sharing and productivity tool that recently added some very nice improvements. If you’ve used this cloud-based tool in the past, you know that it’s an excellent venue for file-sharing, and for finding time. Dropbox is used by individuals and businesses of all sizes, and there are both free and paid versions of…

Finesse for Dropbox — Declutter to Save Precious Space and Time

Finesse is a web app for Dropbox that lets you schedule files for deletion. If you’re a Dropbox user, you know how quickly files can accumulate there. And if you’re like most people, finding time to declutter your Dropbox is a chore that isn’t at the top of your priority list. So, that’s where Finesse…

Free Tools and Apps We’re Grateful for This Cyber Monday

Free tools and apps are always welcome, aren’t they? So today, when on-line shoppers search for deals, we’re appreciating some of our favorite freebies. Many of these are products that we’ve written about here in the past. Our top picks help amp up our productivity here at The Time Finder, are easy to use, and help…

Dropbox Has New Productivity Tools for You

The beauty of Dropbox, to a great degree, lies in its simplicity. When you create an account, install this productivity tool on your various devices, and then add files or documents to it, those items are available to you wherever you have it installed. But Dropbox is much more than 

Find Time with Gmail Undo-Send and Other Time Finder Favorites

When you want to find time it’s always a good idea to look for some time management advice. And curated advice is great, because others have already identified the best tips and tricks! So checking out what readers of The Time Finder read and shared in the past month is always a good place look…

How to Use the Dropbox Badge to Find Time

Dropbox is a powerful venue for storing and sharing files easily on the web. The Dropbox Badge is a nifty new tool – one that we hadn’t really explored here at The Time Finder … yet. But once we learned 

MultCloud Enhancements Help You Find Time

MultCloud is a free cloud management tool that streamlines your interactions with the cloud, letting you manage multiple cloud drives from one, convenient dashboard. We reviewed