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Find TimeMy Heart-Based Time Management™ System is about a new way of living – one that reduces frustration and chaos while it enhances and honors who you are.

It’s about time transformation, and the Finding Time E-zine is a key ingredient in that process.

When you subscribe you give yourself a monthly infusion of practical and inspiring time ideas that you can put to use in your life right away.

Wondering what the Finding Time E-zine is like?

Here’s a sampling of what our subscribers say:

  • “This is the best e-zine you have ever sent. I struggle with anger way too often. Thank you so much for this advice.” VC
  • “Your thinking around identifying the roots of perfectionism in childhood is so brilliant and useful for me! You referenced that you had a whole article on it last month. Are you able to send that to me again?” Barb T
  • “Thank you, Paula. You always seem to present the perfect advice just when it is needed most!” NC
  • “I want you to know that your Time E-Zines are a lot of fun, and helpful. I unsubscribed to many emails recently, but I’m keeping yours.” PJ

Your Time Choices – Your Time Success

Chock full of compelling articles and practical tips, the Finding Time E-zine is part of the Finding Time Success Kit, which includes 3 components to help you transform your relationship with time as you move beyond disappointment and frustration. When you claim your FREE Finding Time Success Kit you’ll receive:

  • The monthly, Award-Winning Finding Time E-zine.
  • The Finding Time Boundary Template.  Using a workbook format, with room to record your answers, this Template helps you discover that 24 hours really ARE enough! In 9 simple, sequential steps, you can find more time and recharge your energy.
  • Weekly Time Tips with practical action steps.

A $97 value – sign up below to claim your Success Kit!

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The Finding Time E-Zine – Listen Here!

Here’s a taste of what you’ll find in The Finding Time E-zine … just click one of the links below, to listen to that article:

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3 Strategies to Say The Big No That Scares You!

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3 Ways to Put Your Time Gremlin to Work for You

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