The Internet of Distractions — Finding Time When You’re On-Line

Distractions are everywhere when you’re working on-line. We’re deluged with information and invitations to click this or that. Yes, the distractions are endless. Of course, it’s not just on the web. Indeed, finding time by finding focus is a challenge that confronts us in many aspects of our lives. But I’d venture to say that…

Time Leaks Sinking Your Boat? Boundaries Give You Focus

Time leaks are the downfall of many smart, energetic solopreneurs and small business owners. And in many ways, it’s the small time leaks that are hardest to recognize and counter. Take Facebook and Twitter, for example. How many times have you said to yourself, “I’ll just take a moment …” only to later find that you’ve…

Is Google+ a Fit for You and Your Time?

Here’s an admission. Google+ and I have never really hit it off. Here at The Time Finder we were originally intrigued with the idea of Google+ and it certainly didn’t hurt that it was part of the powerful array of apps, tools and 

Google Alarms, Reminders and More from Desktop to Android

Google has recently added some features that allow you to send reminders and notes, set alarms, and send directions from your desktop PC to your android phone from the Google Search box. More and more people are using their phones as their go-to devices for mobile efficiency. You can keep up with news, e-mail, the…

Gmail – 2 Tools for Finding Time

Gmail, as you no doubt know, is a very widely used e-mail platform.  One of its big pluses is just that – it’s everywhere! And whether you’re on your PC in your office, your laptop on vacation, or your iPhone or Android on a plane, your Gmail account is accessible. 

Mastering Google Plus (Or Any New Skill or Subject)? Have a Time Plan!

Mastering Google Plus – or anything new – requires two things:  knowledge and practice. And those two things require your time.  Not just time, either, although it is absolutely necessary.  The more that the time you spend is focused time the more productive that investment of time