Find Time to Stop and Really Listen to What You Tell Yourself About Your Time

Posted on May 11, 2011, under Time and Energy, Time and Values, Time Choices.

Find time to listen to your time language

What are you telling yourself about time?

Finding time to listen to the messages that you give yourself about your time is the first step in beginning to make changes in your time choices.  It’s like looking at a map of the terrain, before setting out on a journey.

In order to begin to see the important landmarks and signposts on your map, you need to hear what you are telling yourself about your time.  These are the messages that provide the backdrop to your daily living.  They can, quite literally, shape what you do, what you see, and what you feel about your day … and often they are entirely hidden.

Powerful and hidden … that can be a dangerous combination!

So that is why it is so important to cultivate habits of attentiveness.  The language that we use offers us sure clues to the feelings, values, and old scripts that we may be working off of.  Do you hear yourself using words like never and always when thinking about time patterns or recurring tasks?  How do you feel when you give yourself this frame to work from?

Are there particular phrases that you hear yourself using when you feel stressed?  When you have a block of unstructured time, how do you describe it to yourself?  Your language offers some very good hints about how you are likely to spend that time!

What inner voice is most often active when you are thinking about your time?  The Critic?  The Victim?  What kinds of words might your Inner Adult or Inner Nurturer use?

Once you begin to hear what you are saying to yourself, you will see places where you can make changes that will shift your perspective and boost your energy and effectiveness.  The power truly is in your hands … and the first step, as always, is to see how you are wielding it now … so that you can change it for the better!

Give it a try … and I’d love to hear how it goes for you.

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Let’s explore time together …

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