Finding Time and Fighting Computer Distractions

ComputerYesterday we were discussing some great tips and short-cuts that you can use in your everyday computer work.  Which tips did you find yourself incorporating into your routine?

Today I want to shift the focus and look at the many, many ways that the computer, rather than being a time saver, can be a time trap.

Have you had the experience of sitting down at your Mac or PC to “do a few things” only to find that the next thing you know, an hour has gone by and you haven’t done the things that you sat down to do?  This is a very common phenomenon.  The computer, while offering a multitude of time-saving opportunities, is also a cornucopia of distractions and temptations to take you off track!

Check it out!  Some time ago I wrote an article titled Time-Management-Techniques—7-Tips-for-the-Internet-to-Trim-Time that offers some tips for navigating cyberspace while avoiding the siren call of distraction!

One of the skills that I don’t mention in my article (but it’s another very important one) is the ability to skim and move on when looking for information on the internet.  Rather than reflecting distractibility, I would argue (as does Will Dick in Wikinomics) that it is a time management skill to be sought and cultivated.

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