Heartbleed, Sudden Change, and Managing Your Time

Posted on April 14, 2014, under Time and Technology, Time Management Skills.

HeartbleedThe Heartbleed Bug has had a significant impact on internet traffic, and on TIME in recent days.

If you haven’t heard about Heartbleed, it’s important that you learn about it!  

Basically, it’s a bug that exploits a weakness in OpenSSL software and ultimately compromises the names and passwords of individual users.

Here at Finding Time, we had been working away on this week’s e-zine, as well as product development, when Heartbleed suddenly appeared on the horizon, necessitating a quick change of plans!

Sudden Change and Heartbleed

As with any sudden change, dealing Heartbleed threw a big wrench into our plans. Rather than working on our new time templates and special reports, we focused on checking websites and changing passwords.

Responding in the moment is crucial when you’re managing your response to a threat like Heartbleed. However, at the same time, it’s important not to lose sight of what had been your priorities.

So, we created a task list for later, to make sure that we pick up on what we temporarily put down to deal with Heartbleed.  This freed us up to focus on the immediate task without worrying about what we might be losing track of in the meantime.

ChromebleedHeartbleed and Your Security

As websites scramble to fix the vulnerability exposed by Heartbleed, what can you do?  Well, for starters, here is a list from Mashable, with sites whose passwords you need to change now.

The catch is that you don’t want to change your passwords until websites have fixed the vulnerability. So it’s important to consult these lists to see whether it’s time to change. You can also add a browser extension like Chromebleed to check on sites that you visit.

If you use LastPass, they offer a very good tool for checking sites and noting whether you’re safe, need to change your password, or need to wait. And the good news is that even if you don’t use LastPass, there is a free version of this tool that you can download and use to check sites.

Heartbleed: Challenge and Opportunity

There is no getting around the fact that Heartbleed presents a challenge for those of us who were already busy!  Shifting gears to deal with sudden change is never easy.

But taking a crisis and turning it into an opportunity to be proactive will change the energy profoundly.  It then becomes a situation framed in a positive light.  And that’s what we can choose to do with Heartbleed – use it as an opportunity to beef up our security and make everything in our on-line world safer.

So here’s to your internet safety, your password security, and your time success!

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