Today’s Time Tip: Going Backwards to Move Ahead

Going backwards usually doesn’t sound like a good thing to do. But, in fact, when you’re planning your time, going backwards is one way that you can provide yourself with some much-needed clarity and perspective. Because it’s a different vantage point, it often leads to much more realistic planning. So, here’s a quick time tip…

Turning Energy Changes into Energy Boosts During Transition Times

Energy changes abound, as autumn transforms our corner of New Hampshire. Temperatures dip and morning mist rises over the ponds. Swamp maples are starting to turn fiery red. And turkeys and their young forage behind the house in the early morning. What energy changes, challenges and opportunities do you face as the season changes? Night comes earlier (or later, if…

Prioritizing Your Time to Power Up Your Day!

Prioritizing your tasks is one of the best pathways to success that I can think of. And it can actually be fun. Let’s envision an ideal beginning to your day. You know your path and all that’s on it, because your plans follow your priorities. Even setbacks and surprises feel manageable. The most important tasks will get 

Planning for the Future with Everplans

Planning for the future is your best course if you want to be ready for what comes your way. And though it’s not something that we naturally want to think about, the inevitable future for each and every one of us holds the end of our lives. So, it’s interesting that this one sure thing…

Working Smart – Know Your Tasks to Find More Time!

Working smart is just … smart! When you have limited time and energy, using both to their optimal potential is a goal we all strive for. And during busy times — like right now — working smart relieves stress and helps you put yourself in a position to enjoy your moments fully, 

Productivity Tips and Tools Turn Guesswork into Power Plans

Productivity can seem elusive sometimes, but finding the time you need to do the things you need to do isn’t a matter of magic … or guesswork. No, when it comes right down to it, what productivity requires is planning. And for planning to be successful, you need to be able to make accurate estimates…

Empowering Ideas and Powerful Time Tools Galore!

Empowering yourself with the tools and information you need is a surefire path to success. But too many of us just don’t find time to do that – and the results are telling. Indeed, embarking on a new path or new