Time Choices and Changes — Staging Your Time Success!

Steps into Light

Where are you in the Stages of Change?

Your time choices define your time success. And those choices are profoundly affected by the energy, perspective and priorities that you bring to them.

Indeed, you can’t make a time choice that you aren’t ready for. It won’t even occur to you! But the good news is that you can develop your capacity when it  [Read more…]

Vacation Time – Timely Tips to Free Yourself for the Fun!

Packed for vacation

Vacation time tips help you relax and enjoy!

Are you finding time for a vacation this year?

I hope so, because no matter how busy or stressed you are, stepping away for some vacation time restores your energy and provides a fresh outlook.

And if you’re a busy parent, you know that “vacations” can  [Read more…]

Our Values Ourselves – Connect to Your Core Values and Soar!

Values taking wing

Connect to your values and start to soar!

“Without values, there is confusion and chaos.” Deepak Chopra

How well do you know yourself? How do your daily life and the way you use your time reflect your values?

Your personal  [Read more…]

Organizing Your Space to Find Time-5 Tips

Organizing a stack of files

Organizing your space really helps!

Organizing your environment has a very significant impact on how you experience and live your moments.

Indeed, de-cluttering and organizing are surefire ways to boost your time management efforts and reduce your stress.

So, streamlining your work practices and organizing [Read more…]

Transitions and Choice – Finding Time to Stay on Track

Transitions and Choice

You hold the power!

Transitions are constants in our lives, and perhaps especially so for those of us in midlife and beyond.

Change is happening in every moment. Think of the movement of our planet as the base.  Right now, wherever you live, you are experiencing a transition from one part of the day (or night) to  [Read more…]