Busy, Stressed and on a Tight Budget? 5 No-Cost Ways to Relax and Rejuvenate

Beach Scene

Stressed and busy? Create your own beach!

When you’re busy and stressed do you find yourself daydreaming about getting away? Maybe you picture yourself on a beach somewhere, or walking along a city street, heading to a new restaurant.

Everyone needs to find time to relax. It’s an important self-care skill, and if you don’t allow time for relaxation in your day you’re setting yourself up to experience increased stress — and even to get sick. [Read more…]

5 Tips for Creating Your Morning Ritual


Nourish yourself today with your morning ritual!

Creating a morning ritual is a great way to start the day – and a wonderful gift that you can give yourself starting right now.

A comment on our post earlier this week (thank you David!) about morning rituals prompted me to go back and find the article from the Finding Time E-zine that David referenced.  I’ve reprinted it below – and invite you to sign up for our monthly E-zine – and the whole, FREE Finding Time Success  [Read more…]

Time Finder Favorites: June 2014 Edition

Time Finder Favorites

Time Finder Favorites

Here at The Time Finder we always mark the beginning of a new month with a look back at the old one.  Reviewing what readers of The Time Finder were drawn to in June gives us a place to begin, as we look ahead and plan what we’ll be writing about in July.

And of course, we are always interested to respond to your time questions and concerns – so  [Read more…]

Find Time Resources Every Month in The Finding Time E-Zine

Time Resources for you!Time resources:  you can never have too many of them.  And one of my favorite pastimes is collecting time resources and sharing them with you.

One of those time resources is The Finding Time E-zine, and the newest edition will be published tomorrow morning! [Read more…]

Find Time for January's Time Finder Favorites

Finding time to look back at the start of a new month is always refreshing and energizing … and this month is no different as we look back at January’s Time Finder Favorites!

Here’s a sampling of our top posts from the past month, based on YOUR votes (visits)!

Finding Time for Google Plus – Timely Resources This Cyber Monday came in at #1 – just as it seems to be doing on the web!  Have you tried it yet?  What do you think of it?

With the power of Google behind it, it’s hard to see how anyone wanting to boost his or her presence on the web could NOT jump on the Google Plus bandwagon.  While there remain controversies about how Google Plus is embedded in Google search results, it seems clear that this is a social-networking tool that is going to stick around (unlike some earlier attempts by Google).

Self Care was the topic for our second-most-read post:  Find Time to Give Yourself Exactly What You Need Every Single Day!

How often do you feel like you’re running against a stopwatch and depleting yourself in the process?

Don’t you sometimes wish that someone would come along and give you whatever it is that you need in that moment?

Well, the good news is, that “someone” is YOU!

Find Time to Nourish Your Courage with Love: Today’s Timely Tip was your third favorite post, followed closely by some other courage posts:

Here’s one timely passage from that last post – about moving ahead by letting go.  A thought for today:

Finding time is all about saying No to one thing to say Yes to another, as I often say.  The No that you say to one thing is what actually makes your Yes to something else possible, and meaningful.  It’s all about how you make your time choices.

So, let’s pause for a moment.  How do you feel about your time choices so far today?  Don’t come from a critical place or you’ll clam up.  Just let yourself feel.

Are there choices you’d like to change?  Most of us are going to say yes to that … but before you start thinking about how you want to change those choices, let’s pause again.

Ask yourself, what is it that, for YOU, leads you to want to change how you use your time?

Want to learn more about how you can expand and deepen your time and efforts … in whatever areas you choose? Here’s a great way to explore avenues to increasing your time skills and heart-based power – whether it’s in your business, or your personal life.  I am so pleased to be able to offer my expertise and support as The Official SelfGrowth.com Guide to “Time Management”.

You can visit by clicking the link, and when you do you’ll find lots of time management articles by experts in the field, along with a vibrant and welcoming on-line community. Stop by my Expert Page and leave a comment or question … or just say hello.  There are lots of ways to connect … I’d love to get started!

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