Nurturing Yourself – It’s Your Top Job!

Soulful Dog Nurturing Energy

Nurturing energy returns you to abundant time.

Nurturing yourself is the #1 thing you can do to insure your time success. And yet, for many smart, busy people — women especially — it tends to be way down at the bottom of your priorities.

Last week I wrote about learning to set aside scarcity and live in abundant time. Today I’m digging a little deeper, to look at self-care and how it’s your responsibility, not a luxury. [Read more…]

Busy, Stressed and on a Tight Budget? 5 No-Cost Ways to Relax and Rejuvenate

Beach Scene

Stressed and busy? Create your own beach!

When you’re busy and stressed do you find yourself daydreaming about getting away? Maybe you picture yourself on a beach somewhere, or walking along a city street, heading to a new restaurant.

Everyone needs to find time to relax. It’s an important self-care skill, and if you don’t allow time for relaxation in your day you’re setting yourself up to experience increased stress — and even to get sick. [Read more…]

5 Tips for Creating Your Morning Ritual


Nourish yourself today with your morning ritual!

Creating a morning ritual is a great way to start the day – and a wonderful gift that you can give yourself starting right now.

A comment on our post earlier this week (thank you David!) about morning rituals prompted me to go back and find the article from the Finding Time E-zine that David referenced.  I’ve reprinted it below – and invite you to sign up for our monthly E-zine – and the whole, FREE Finding Time Success  [Read more…]

Time Finder Favorites: June 2014 Edition

Time Finder Favorites

Time Finder Favorites

Here at The Time Finder we always mark the beginning of a new month with a look back at the old one.  Reviewing what readers of The Time Finder were drawn to in June gives us a place to begin, as we look ahead and plan what we’ll be writing about in July.

And of course, we are always interested to respond to your time questions and concerns – so  [Read more…]

Find Time Resources Every Month in The Finding Time E-Zine

Time Resources for you!Time resources:  you can never have too many of them.  And one of my favorite pastimes is collecting time resources and sharing them with you.

One of those time resources is The Finding Time E-zine, and the newest edition will be published tomorrow morning! [Read more…]