Success – 3 Powerful Questions to Chart Your Course

Success Bottle Cap

What’s a win? What does success mean for you?

Yesterday we started exploring the ways you define success for yourself, and how that shapes what follows.

Knowing what success looks and feels like for you and what meanings it carries is key to knowing how to achieve it. Without that knowledge, you may be pursuing goals that have no  [Read more…]

Success – How You Define It Makes It Yours


How do YOU define success?

The way you define success for yourself has a profound effect on how you spend your time.

It gives you a powerful context for the time choices you make. And here’s the thing: the more conscious you are about that context and the messages and values it reflects, the more likely you are to make choices that truly serve you. [Read more…]

Perfection Paralysis – Overcome It with 3 Tips

Perfection Book Cover

Perfection needn’t paralyze you!

Perfection isn’t something you can attain. It is a goal that is unreachable and that freezes you in your tracks.

I call it perfection paralysis, and today I want to share with you 3 tips for overcoming this discouraging and insidious time thief.

These are action-oriented suggestions  [Read more…]

Prioritizing Your Time to Power Up Your Day!

Steps to Prioritizing Success

Prioritizing really helps you get there!

Prioritizing your tasks is one of the best pathways to success that I can think of. And it can actually be fun.

Let’s envision an ideal beginning to your day. You know your path and all that’s on it, because your plans follow your priorities.

Even setbacks and surprises feel manageable. The most important tasks will get  [Read more…]

Goal-Setting Gold – 3 Tips for Focused Success

Success Sign-Goal-Setting

Goal-setting offers you a clear path to success!

Goal-setting is a time management skill that sharpens your focus and sets you up for success.

Used well, goal-setting helps you identify and sort your priorities, and develop your plan for moving toward them. And for your goal-setting to work optimally, it’s important to ensure that you’re setting goals for the right reasons or in the right frame of mind. [Read more…]