Gmail-Use Your Address to Clean Clutter and Find Time!

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Gmail Tweaks

Gmail Tweaks-Find Time and Clear Clutter!

Gmail is full of add-ons, tricks and tweaks to help you get and stay organized … and find more time.

From Labels to Labs to Filters, Gmail offers all sorts of ways to customize your e-mail experience so that you see what’s most important to you and/or what you most need to see.  It’s all in how you set it up.

We’ve shared a lot about Gmail here on The Time Finder through the years; and we thought we had the ground pretty well-covered. (more…)


Boundaries and You: Tap Your Power with These 5 Timely Tips

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BoundariesBoundaries define your time … and your life.

When you set your boundaries, you are saying yes or no to an activity or commitment.  You are shaping your time and creating the map for your journey through it.  (more…)

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Tech Tips to Enhance Security, Pump Up Productivity and Find Time!

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Tech Tips 2014Tech tips always come in handy in our increasingly web-based and info-saturated world.

The better you are able to manage your on-line time and activities, the more efficient and effective you’ll be – both at getting things done and at finding time for what matters most! (more…)


Starting When You Finish-Create a Beginning to Find Time

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Starting when you FinishStarting a project is often the most challenging step in moving toward a goal.

Whether you’re creating an info product, starting to write a book or special report, creating a business plan, working on your taxes … whatever it is, the first step can be difficult.  And we all know that  (more…)


Mastering Google Plus (Or Any New Skill or Subject)? Have a Time Plan!

Posted on January 15, 2014 by , under Time Management Skills.

Google Plus Time PlanMastering Google Plus – or anything new – requires two things:  knowledge and practice.

And those two things require your time.  Not just time, either, although it is absolutely necessary.  The more that the time you spend is focused time the more productive that investment of time  (more…)


Clutter and You: Changing How Your Stuff Impacts You, Your Space, and Your Time!

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Clutter and YouClutter.  What does that word conjure for you?  How does your energy shift when you hear it? For many, clutter is a chronic challenge – and its causes, as well as its impact goes far beyond mere ‘messiness.’

I recently read an excellent blog post by Mikael Cho titled “How clutter affects you and what you can do about it.”  In it he offers interesting insights on why we acquire  (more…)

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Boundary Setting Creates the Space You Need – Inside and Outside – to Find More Time!

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Boundary-SettingBoundary setting is a skill that is vital, not only to your time management success but for living your life to its fullest.  It empowers us to shape our moments and sharpen our focus.

We use boundaries to delineate what we let in and what we let out.  When you need to really  (more…)

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Time On and Time Off-How Are Your Time Boundaries?

Posted on July 4, 2013 by , under Time Boundaries.

Time BoundariesTime boundaries are a key time management tool, and one that we often think of when focus and concentration are necessary for completing a task.

But time boundaries are vital, not just for your efficiency and effectiveness, they are fundamentally important for your well-being, too. (more…)

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Focus Online: What’s Your Sweet Spot for Finding Time?

Posted on April 30, 2013 by , under Time Boundaries, Time Management Skills.

Focus OnlineFocus is a (if not the) key to your productivity; and finding focus when you are working online can be a huge challenge!

The online world is teeming with information, interactions, and fascinating distractions.  Indeed, many believe that our attention spans are  (more…)

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Time Boundaries and Time Balance: Just Ask Paula!

Posted on October 24, 2012 by , under Ask Paula.

BoundariesBoundaries are essential tools for successfully navigating through your days and getting things done.  Today I’d like to share a question from a reader.

It’s a question about boundaries and it offers an opportunity to explore how your time boundaries help you  (more…)

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Time Boundaries 101: Password Protect Your Precious Time!

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time boundariesTime boundaries are key to your productivity and your time success, whether you are a student, an entrepreneur, a small business owner, or anyone with a to-do list that is longer than the hours in your day!

In our always-connected, information-saturated world, time boundaries can be  (more…)

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Find Time to Keep Yourself Focused and on Track with This One Simple Tip!

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Finding time to stay on track, especially if much of your work must be done on-line, can be a very big challenge.  There are so many potential distractions that can pull you away from your planned work.  Do you notice that you ‘lose time’ when you’re at your computer?  It’s a very common problem and may well be your biggest time drain.

But don’t worry!  Here’s one simple and sure-fire way to keep yourself focused and on track when you sit down to work at your computer:  Use a timer!

There really is no better way to create time boundaries for yourself so that you can stay focused and on-track.  There are lots of different kinds of timers that you can use – some on-line and some of the egg-timer variety.  Both can work just fine; I personally prefer the egg-timer type, as I can use it to stay on track, not just at the computer, but when I’m doing other things around the house and farm.

For accomplishing tasks that require a lot of focus, I like to set the timer for no more than 20 or 30-minutes.  Then, when it goes off, I get up and walk around a little bit, or do some stretches.  It’s important to give yourself frequent “movement breaks” when your work is primarily sedentary.  This refreshes your body and your mind, enabling you to return to your task with renewed energy.

I think you’ll find that your ability to stay on track is greatly enhanced when you work in shorter increments and give yourself clear boundaries.  You’ll begin to establish a rhythm that both your body and your mind will appreciate.

Not only that, but the more you know that YOU are in charge of your time, the more you can stay focused and on track.  As you use your timer to create and maintain your time boundaries you build self-trust around time management and time choices.  This makes it easier to let go of that tempting website that you want to explore ‘right now’ – because you know that you will find time to return to it later.  Clear time boundaries make that possible for you!

And, here’s something more to consider.  Are you an entrepreneur, consultant, or small business owner who’s ready to take the next big step?  If you want to learn how to create and to keep a successful business running on your own, then this is for you! “How to Create Credibility as a Freelancer” is a booklet with 70 expert-proven tips that will help you recharge your energy and motivation, increase your visibility, and sharpen those vital organizational and time management skills.

Success is within your reach, so don’t wait, and get started today!

Let’s explore time together …

Disclosure of Material Connection: I have no material connection with any of the resources mentioned here, and have not received any compensation for writing this content.


Find Time to Create Quiet-Some Timely Thoughts

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Finding time to take a breath can be one of the most challenging undertakings in your daily life.  And yet, it is also one of the most rejuvenating gifts you can ever give yourself.  So, the question is, how can you create quiet for yourself in your daily life?

In thinking about this. let’s start by reflecting on the recent holidays.  Did you notice that there were pockets of quiet?  I know that I did.  The volume of e-mail was way down, the phone rang less, Facebook was quieter, and it seemed like many people were ‘unplugged’ and living their moments the old fashioned way.

So, how did that feel to you?  Would you like to be able to create quiet like that for yourself more often?

I know that I felt refreshed, energized, and appreciative of the  break.  It served as a reminder that I can create quiet in my life any time that I want to.  All it requires is that I set and maintain some boundaries for myself.

Time boundaries may be something that you need to communicate to others (i.e. when you need to unplug or shut the door and have time to focus) or they may be something that you need to assert internally (i.e. when you limit your on-line time or create and follow through on an exercise regimen).

Either way, time boundaries can help you create quiet in your life – or create space for whatever your heart desires.  As far as gifts go, time boundaries may be just about the best thing going.

So consider giving yourself this present … for your present … as you embark on a New Year!

Ready to get started? Here’s a great way to explore avenues to increasing your time skills and heart-based power – whether it’s in your business, or your personal life.  I am so pleased to be able to offer my expertise and support as The Official Guide to “Time Management”.

You can visit by clicking the link, and when you do you’ll find lots of time management articles by experts in the field, along with a vibrant and welcoming on-line community. Stop by my Expert Page and leave a comment or question … or just say hello.  There are lots of ways to connect … I’d love to get started!

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Find Time to Avoid Productivity Traps and Keep Moving!

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Finding time to get things done – isn’t that what we’re all striving for? It’s a goal we all share – and I am guessing that most of us share some productivity traps, too. Let’s explore a couple that may feel familiar to you today.

One of the biggest traps to avoid, when it comes to time and productivity, is the idea that working faster is going to “get you there” faster. In fact, quite the opposite is true, most of the time.

It’s counter-intuitive, I know. The more stressed and overwhelmed you feel, the more you are inclined to rush. But when you start rushing, you are going to miss steps, make mistakes, and, ultimately, lose precious time. In addition, you may undermine trust or suffer other, significant fallout as a result of giving into this impulse to go faster.

The other major productivity pitfall has to do with focus … or, more precisely, losing focus. Picture us all, in our information-saturated era. We have our blackberries and iPads and laptops. Scarcely a moment passes that we’re not doing something productive. Right?

But here’s the thing – staying on track as you navigate through all of the websites and news items and tweets and videos is challenging. Sometimes I’m sure it can feel a little like trying to walk your 5-year-old past the ice cream store on a hot summer day.

Keep in mind that getting sidetracked and losing focus doesn’t stop time. Distraction leads to inaction. And when your productivity grinds to a halt … that clock on your wall keeps ticking away.

Finding time to avoid the kinds of traps that sap your energy, focus and productivity often involves the opposite of what your impulse might be.  Don’t let panic take the lead.  It just dilutes and scatters your energy.  Instead, take a deep breath, and:

  • When you feel pressed to go fast, slow down.
  • When you feel like everything is clamoring for your attention NOW, assert your boundaries, say no, and refocus on your task. The rest will wait.

You will be amazed at how much of a difference these two simple, and seemingly counter-intuitive, strategies can make.

Stay tuned … next week I’ll be sharing 5 actionable tips for avoiding productivity pitfalls and keeping yourself on your most efficient and effective track ever.  You can do it!  There’s a different way to be in your day … and I’d like to share it with you.

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Let’s explore time together …

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Finding Time Can Mean Saying No, Even When You’re Scared to Death!

Posted on April 12, 2011 by , under Time Boundaries.

Finding time might begin for you, today, with finding the courage to say No. Maybe your schedule and To Do List are jam-packed, and adding one more thing will throw everything else out-of-whack.  But saying no to a request (or a demand) for your time can present challenges.

Sometimes, refusing to engage in low-priority activities and commitments is quite easy, isn’t it? You’re direct and you set limits clearly. Furthermore, the results speak for themselves. You exercise positive control over much of your day.

But every so often, the refusal may get caught in your throat. Your chest tightens, and… you’re just scared to death to say no.

How do you handle situations like this when they arise in your life now? Try a quick quiz to broaden your understanding of how you approach stressful demands. Note how often you resort to each of these actions, using “0″ for “never” and 5 for “always”:

“When I feel scared to death to say No, I:

_____  Push my misgivings aside and charge blindly ahead.

_____  Mutter about how impossible the other person is.

_____  Criticize myself for feeling so apprehensive.

_____  Hint that my refusal is the other person’s fault.

_____  Postpone the big talk until the ideal time, like never.”

If your score is 0-5, saying No isn’t much of a problem for you – unless you’ve figured out yet another self-defeating stratagem to avoid the issue!

But what if your score is higher? In that case, your avoidance of saying No probably hurts you even more than you comprehend. Anger simmers, and relationships and self-esteem become more fragile. Over time, anxieties compound. Paralyzing fear takes quite a toll.

There’s another way to handle this impasse. To do so, you must break outworn promises you made to yourself long ago!

Today we’ll explore 3 powerful questions to help break the chokehold that fear has on your assertiveness.  Ask them as often as you need to. And let the answers bubble up, as you listen to each response. They will be brimming with useful information for you!

Ask yourself:

1. What is the origin of my fear of saying No? Compassionately see the younger you, who had fewer options than you do now. Think how much stronger and more autonomous you are today! Is there any friendly message that you can offer to the part of you that is stuck in the past?

2. What made silence my safest choice  back then? Perhaps your course of action really was the best option you had at the time. At any rate, it can be helpful to understand how your current difficulty is based in approaches that once made a lot of sense to you. You are then much less likely to judge yourself as weak. Also, consider how circumstances have changed.

3. How does this fear of saying No trap me now? Seeing all the ways your old promises to yourself hold you back helps you replace your outworn approach with a more appropriate one.

Does this help as you strive to set meaningful time boundaries and find more time?  Stay tuned … in an upcoming post, we’ll explore 3 simple strategies for putting these fears behind you!

Are you inspired to find time and increase your effectiveness, efficiency and enjoyment?

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The in depth interviews contained in this book provide practical and heart-based ideas to get you moving as you embrace yourself and your own uniqueness!

You can give yourself the gift of this wonderful resource today, and get started on your journey toward success, Stepping Stone by Stepping Stone … just click this link to get the details!

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Let’s explore time together …

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