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Chrome Extension to Organize Tabs and Save Time!

Posted on May 25, 2015 by , under Time and Technology.

Chrome Spaces Screen

Spaces will help you manage your tabs in Chrome!

Is Chrome your browser?  If it is, I think you’re going to like this new Chrome extension called Spaces.

And if you don’t use Chrome, read on  (more…)

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Identity Theft Resources-Take Charge and Find Time!

Posted on May 18, 2015 by , under Time and Technology.

Identity Theft-Social Security Number

Identity Theft – What to do if your information is stolen!

Identity theft is a growing issue world-wide, as anyone in the US who has Anthem health insurance was reminded last winter when Anthem’s databases were hacked and millions upon millions of people were affected.

That event is still being sorted out and so far I’ve heard no reports of identity theft as a result of this breach.  (more…)

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Google Alarms, Reminders and More from Desktop to Android

Posted on April 27, 2015 by , under Time and Technology.

Alarm Clock

Use Google Search to set an alarm for yourself!

Google has recently added some features that allow you to send reminders and notes, set alarms, and send directions from your desktop PC to your android phone from the Google Search box.

More and more people are using their phones as their go-to devices for mobile efficiency.

You can keep up with news, e-mail, the latest scores, you name it. And you can do it all while you are out and about.  (more…)

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Google Update – Find Time to Be Mobile Friendly!

Posted on April 13, 2015 by , under Time and Technology.

Google Changes

Google Going (More) Mobile-are you ready?

Google is changing its algorithm as of April 21, and it’s important that you find time to make sure that your website won’t be negatively affected.

The change that Google is making is aimed at assuring that websites are optimized for mobile devices. Sandra Martini, of has  (more…)

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Time Reminder – Simple Tip to Increase Your Productivity

Posted on March 30, 2015 by , under Time and Technology.

Time Reminder - Simple Tip to Increase Your Productivity

A Time Reminder to Increase Your Productivity

Can a simple time reminder enhance your productivity?

The quick answer is yes and you can read the details in this tip I read about on The Next Web.

It’s a small adjustment you make on a Mac (slightly more complicated on a Windows PC), and according  (more…)

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MultCloud Enhancements Help You Find Time

Posted on March 23, 2015 by , under Time and Technology.


MultCloud lets YOU pull the strings!

MultCloud is a free cloud management tool that streamlines your interactions with the cloud, letting you manage multiple cloud drives from one, convenient dashboard.

We reviewed  (more…)

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Deadlines – Color Your Calendar to Find Time!

Posted on March 16, 2015 by , under Time and Technology.

deadlines and time

Use color to manage your deadlines.

Deadlines. We all have them, and managing them can be a challenge – especially if you’ve got very tight, or intersecting, or competing deadlines.

Too often, deadlines create anxiety, stress, and rebelliousness. A looming deadline sends many people into a tailspin – the kind of state that makes denial and procrastination look like attractive alternatives.

But it doesn’t need to be that way.  There are ways to manage deadlines that are practical and that reduce stress. (more…)

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BitTorrent Sync vs. Dropbox-Save Money and Find Time

Posted on February 23, 2015 by , under Time and Technology.


BitTorrent Sync vs. Dropbox

BitTorrent Sync is a file sharing tool that my VA uses and has been intrigued about for some time. I’ve heard about BitTorrent Sync – from her and from others – for years, but it always seemed very ‘techie’ to me and rather incomprehensible.

Well, she recently shared an article with me that she had found on lifehacker and it was, quite honestly, the first time I felt like I truly understood  (more…)


Google Tips to Power Your Productivity and Find Time

Posted on February 16, 2015 by , under Time and Technology.

Google Tips

Google Tips to boost productivity and find time!

Google started as a search engine. Remember? As its use increased, it morphed from a noun to a verb, eventually becoming a synonym for the act of searching, as in “I’ll Google that!”

Now Google is everywhere  (more…)


30 Second Habit App Boosts Memory, Productivity and Time!

Posted on February 9, 2015 by , under Time and Technology.


30 Second Habit App holds promise!

Remember the 30 Second Habit?

It’s a very helpful productivity idea that we wrote about some months ago on The Time Finder.

The basic idea of the 30 Second Habit is to take 30 seconds immediately after an experience to extract and record its most important element(s).

This can be a challenging discipline to master.  Timeliness and brevity are essential, and the goal is to give yourself just enough information to be able to jog your memory.  (more…)

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Fitness, Focus, Functionality and Finding Time

Posted on January 26, 2015 by , under Time and Technology.

M1 Standing Desk

Finding Fitness, Focus and Time with a Smart Desk!

Fitness is a worthy goal, and one that is on many people’s minds at this time of year.

New Year’s Resolutions having been made, we brave roadways and gyms with our Fitbits, GPS Devices, Smartwatches, and other wearable technology.

We feel energized and excited – it’s fun and we’re excited about the progress we’re making!

So where do you stand now with your  (more…)

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Need a Fast Screenshot? Try Greenshot and Find Time!

Posted on January 19, 2015 by , under Time and Technology.

Greenshot Screenshot

Here’s a flexible screenshot tool for you to explore!

Getting a good screenshot can sometimes be a bit more time-consuming than you’d like.

There’s always the old ‘Print Screen’ command – but the screenshot you get is usually going to need some cropping and other editing tweaks.

Jing is a nice screenshot tool that we’ve written about here in the past and that we’ve used extensively here at The Time Finder. (more…)

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Paperless Organization to De-Clutter and Find Time

Posted on January 12, 2015 by , under Time and Technology.

Scan and go paperless

Going Paperless just got even easier!

Going paperless is becoming more and more the norm in our digital and increasingly cloud-based world.

The advantages of storing information in a digital format are many.

You save space – and that, for many businesses, translates directly into saving money. (more…)

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Kanbanote Plus Evernote for Finding Time!

Posted on January 5, 2015 by , under Time and Technology.


Kanbanote and Evernote – a time-saving combination!

Kanbanote looks to be an interesting web-based app that lets you arrange notes in Evernote into clear, actionable lists.

The advantage with Kanbanote is that it enables you to rearrange items you’ve added to Evernote in new  (more…)

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Chrome Extension to Help You De-Clutter and Find Time

Posted on December 29, 2014 by , under Time and Technology.

Tab Snooze

The Tab Snooze Google Chrome extension de-clutters your workspace.

This is a Google Chrome extension that I think you’re going to like – especially as you make plans to de-clutter and get organized for the start of a New Year!

It’s called Tab Snooze and it’s a Chrome extension that allows you to make your browser tabs disappear when you don’t need them and appear when you do!

But why would you want to cut down on the number of  (more…)

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