Inbox Snooze Looks Like a Winner for Finding Time


Inbox or Gmail – have you decided?

Inbox or Gmail, Inbox or Gmail. Have you settled on one or the other yet?

One of the things I weigh, when looking at any new tool, is whether the efficiencies it offers make up for what’s lost when you let go of what’s familiar and move on to something new.  [Read more…]

Find Stuff Fast with AstroGrep and Find Time!


Use AstroGrep to find what you need fast.

AstroGrep is a lightweight and fast-working utility that helps you find things on your computer.

Remember that sales copy you wrote awhile ago that was really catchy?  You can’t find it anywhere, and you want to use it in a product launch.

Well, this is a situation  [Read more…]

Be Heard by Your Representatives with — A Big Time-Saver!

The Capitol

Find time to be heard!

Democracy works when people participate – and one of the biggest ways to participate is to be heard by your representatives in Washington.

But if you’ve tried to do that in the past, you know that it’s not always an easy proposition. Usually it involves many steps that  [Read more…]

How to Use the Dropbox Badge to Find Time

Cardboard Box

Use the Dropbox Badge to #findtime!

Dropbox is a powerful venue for storing and sharing files easily on the web.

The Dropbox Badge is a nifty new tool – one that we hadn’t really explored here at The Time Finder … yet. But once we learned  [Read more…]

Google Inbox, Gmail, and Your Time


Google Inbox or Gmail?

Google Inbox and Gmail offer two different venues for accessing and managing your e-mail.

So, how do you choose which one to use?

If you’re already a Gmail user, why would you switch?

We did some searching on-line and collected some information  [Read more…]

Ghostery Add-On for Privacy and Security in No Time!

Ghostery Logo

Ghostery puts the controls in your hands.

Ghostery is a privacy solution for individuals and businesses that empowers users to manage the trackers that follow them on-line.

The company was founded in 2009, and its browser add-on allows you to decide who can access your data.

So much of what we do on-line is tracked these days – and in some cases we may not mind that. [Read more…]

Gmail Makes Undo Send Official – and We All Win!

Gmail Logo

Gmail makes Undo Send official!

Gmail has been experimenting with Undo Send for quite awhile now.

How many times have you hit the send button, only to notice a major typo as that e-mail takes off into cyber space?

Or how often have you re-thought a response … too late … and needed to clarify, backpedal [Read more…]