Subscribers – How to Add Lots of Them in No Time!


Subscribers-how to get lots of them!

Subscribers are the life blood of any on-line business – or maybe any business in our increasingly plugged in and linked in world!

So, if you’re a small business owner, coach or entrepreneur you and/or your team are probably engaged in list-building activities for some portion of your day on most days. It’s simply the reality  [Read more…]

Google Calendar Plus HashtagToDo-A Winning Combo for Finding Time!


Power up your Google Calendar with HashtagToDo!

Google Calendar is an excellent tool for tracking your schedule, in part because it’s generally accessible to you no matter where you are and what device you’re using. And while I’m still a paper calendar user, my VA uses Google Calendar for most  [Read more…]

Techboomers-Tech Tutorials for Boomers Help Find Time!

Yawning Computer Cat

Tech challenged? Techboomers to the rescue!

Techboomers is a handy site that offers step-by-step tutorials for using many of the most popular websites and web tools that are available today.

Geared for the non-techie folks  [Read more…]

Amazon Underground vs Google Play Equals Free Apps for You!


Amazon Underground – are you game?

Amazon Underground is a new initiative that is set up to give away tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of free apps.

Set up for the Android platform, Amazon Underground is taking on Google Play for the Android app market, and has many people puzzled about what’s in it for Amazon.  [Read more…]

Chrome Extension to Find Words and Find Time!

Magnifying Glass

Chrome extension for finding words (and finding time).

If Google Chrome is your go-to web browser, I think you’ll be intrigued by the Twinword Finder for Chrome.

Think of all the times you want to find some very specific information, do a web search, and then are presented with a lengthy and detailed article that probably contains what you’re looking for – you’re just not sure where. [Read more…]

Inbox Snooze Looks Like a Winner for Finding Time


Inbox or Gmail – have you decided?

Inbox or Gmail, Inbox or Gmail. Have you settled on one or the other yet?

One of the things I weigh, when looking at any new tool, is whether the efficiencies it offers make up for what’s lost when you let go of what’s familiar and move on to something new.  [Read more…]

Find Stuff Fast with AstroGrep and Find Time!


Use AstroGrep to find what you need fast.

AstroGrep is a lightweight and fast-working utility that helps you find things on your computer.

Remember that sales copy you wrote awhile ago that was really catchy?  You can’t find it anywhere, and you want to use it in a product launch.

Well, this is a situation  [Read more…]