Scarcity Mentality and Self-Criticism-Time Wasters Extraordinaire

The scarcity mentality coupled with self-critical messages are two of the biggest time-wasters going. Why do I say that? Well, a scarcity mentality knocks you off-track and puts you in a reactive stance that’s fundamentally dis-empowering. Then your Inner Critic drones on, undermining your confidence as it points its shaming finger at you. What’s needed is a…

Gratitude Changes Everything: 5 Powerful Tips to Transform Time

Gratitude really does change everything. When you connect to your heart with thankfulness, you immediately expand your world and your field of vision. It is so profound that it can feel like magic. And the good news is that it’s a power you hold in each and every moment of your day. So, today I’d…

Success – 3 Powerful Questions to Chart Your Course

Yesterday we started exploring the ways you define success for yourself, and how that shapes what follows. Knowing what success looks and feels like for you and what meanings it carries is key to knowing how to achieve it. Without that knowledge, you may be pursuing goals that have no 

Success – How You Define It Makes It Yours

The way you define success for yourself has a profound effect on how you spend your time. It gives you a powerful context for the time choices you make. And here’s the thing: the more conscious you are about that context and the messages and values it reflects, the more likely you are to make choices…

Goals, Ambitions and Your Heart-Based Journey

Goals help you plot your direction and shape your time choices. And we’ve written quite a lot here about goal-setting, goals and values, and about maintaining focus while pursuing your goals. Today I want to explore a challenge that can be difficult for lots of productive, high-achieving people. The challenge is this:

Time Traps 101 – Address Values Conflicts to Get Unstuck

Time traps – sometimes it feels like they are everywhere! And what mysteries they can be, those time traps. Does this sound at all familiar? Special pastimes beckon to you invitingly from all angles, and it’s as if your day has a slow leak. Before you know it, night has fallen. What happened to your time?

Values Clarification Helps Simplify Your Time Choices

Values clarification is a process that, engaged in periodically, helps you know yourself more deeply and create a uniquely meaningful frame for your time choices. In previous posts here, as well as articles in the Finding Time E-zine, I’ve explored the importance of values and values clarification. In particular, I’ve highlighted the difference between