Time Boundaries Work Best When They Come from Your Power

Railed Bridge-Time Boundaries

Time Boundaries keep you on track.

Time boundaries are powerful time tools that enable you to productively focus on your priorities. Yet setting and maintaining time boundaries can be a challenge.

Last week, in a post titled Retrieve Lost Time with Time Boundaries that Stick we shared some guidelines for setting these all-important boundaries with clarity and compassion. Today I want to share  [Read more…]

Retrieve Lost Time with Time Boundaries that Stick

Gateway-Find Lost Time

Finding lost time is your choice and it’s within your reach, always.

Snippets of lost time are yours to weave together, creating something new from what you find. But very often, our lost time remains … well … lost.

The good news is that there are lots of opportunities for retrieving lost time. And taking a look at the state of your time boundaries is a very good place to start.

So, are you ready to take back your  [Read more…]

Time Boundaries-Create Yours with a Quick Visualization

Fences and field

Time boundaries – visualize yours and find time!

Time boundaries are time tools that help you harness your energy, maintain your focus, and live your moments as fully as possible – no matter what your goals may be for those moments!

So think about it: What if you could weed  [Read more…]

Boundaries-Use Them or Lose Them!

Boundary wall

Maintaining your boundaries is a vital task!

Boundaries are foundational to your success. Whether you’re talking about how you use your time, or how you manage your space, there’s no getting around the fact that boundaries are vital.

It’s your boundaries  [Read more…]

Your Schedule-Take Charge and Find Time!

Your Schedule Holds Your Dreams

Your Schedule Holds Your Dreams and Goals

Your schedule can be a stress-reducer or a stress-creator, depending on how you structure it.

You’re the one who decides about your schedule.  But how often do you forget that, allowing your priorities to get hijacked, and falling into reactivity when it comes to structuring your time?

Taking Back Your Schedule

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