Befriend Your Time — It’s All You Have!

Big Ben-Befriend Time

Befriend your time to thrive in time!

Befriend time? What does that mean? Isn’t time the thing that nips at your heels and makes you worry about keeping up?

Well, while time is absolute, concrete, and universal, you actually do have choices about how you relate to it.

When you think about time, do you embrace it as your friend? Or, at least sometimes, do you feel driven and trapped by time, as if it is your enemy?  [Read more…]

Going Deeper – The Treasures Buried in Your Time Choices

Stairway Going Deeper

Going deeper is your path to inner treasure …

Going deeper is not always our instinct in this fast-paced, sound byte addled, outcomes-oriented world of ours.

Indeed, the pressures of everyday life often seem to encourage us to skim the surface as fast as we can. But I’d argue that going deeper is actually the surest pathway to the best outcomes  [Read more…]

Opening to the New – Choosing Powerfully in Each Moment

Dawn Sky Opening to the New

Opening to the new is a gift you give yourself!

Opening to the new is a conscious choice that you have the power to make in each and every moment of your life.

Every time you make this choice you give yourself the gift of a new beginning.

And yet your time and what it can hold [Read more…]

Moving into the New – It’s Not Just About the New Year!

Doorway for moving into the new

Opportunities for moving into the new abound!

Moving into the new and letting go of the old is a rhythm of change that is taking place all the time for each of us.

It’s not just about the really big transitions like the beginning of a New Year. No, in fact, those huge transitions are actually, in many ways, illusory.

Moving into the new is, in reality,  [Read more…]

Expand Your Moments and Grow Your Heart with Gratitude

Wooden Heart Expand

Expand your heart and your time with Gratitude!

Expand time?

Wait … don’t we each have the same 24-hours every single day?

That is certainly true. Time is finite and concrete. But, our experience of time is also highly subjective.

Think about it. [Read more…]