Creativity and Vision – Timely Inspiration from The Time Finder

Artists hands

Creativity and vision – what do you see?

Creativity is the coinage of the realm for artists, innovators and entrepreneurs. How does the creative process work for you? Is it something you easily tap into, or does it feel elusive?

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately, as I get ready to launch a new  [Read more…]

Time Choices that Work – Supporting a Friend in Need

Friends Walking

Making good time choices to support a friend in need.

Your ability to make good time choices is going to be challenged when a friend faces a sudden crisis and needs your immediate help.

Finding time to nurture friendships is an important investment, and usually the  [Read more…]

Time Choices and Changes — Staging Your Time Success!

Steps into Light

Where are you in the Stages of Change?

Your time choices define your time success. And those choices are profoundly affected by the energy, perspective and priorities that you bring to them.

Indeed, you can’t make a time choice that you aren’t ready for. It won’t even occur to you! But the good news is that you can develop your capacity when it  [Read more…]

Stages of Change and Your Time Choices

Ladder and Sky

Stages of Change: Steps to Your Time Success

Have you heard of the 6 stages of change?

Change is one of the constants in our lives – and we often tend to balk at changes. So that’s where the idea of stages of change becomes really helpful!

In 1997 psychology professor James Prochaska created a very  [Read more…]

Schedule Reflection Time to Be More Productive

Reflection on Water

Schedule reflection time for yourself.

Your schedule is one of the tools that you use to optimize your productivity. And when you schedule time to reflect you are NOT being unproductive.

In fact, you’re giving yourself a gift. Your productivity always boils down to your time choices, and you make better choices when you reflect on them! [Read more…]

Procrastination-Beat It Right Now With 7 Timely Tips!

Dog Pulling Back

Procrastination got you stuck?

Is procrastination a serious challenge in your life?

Even when we know that waiting too long will create a lot of challenges, getting started can still seem impossible.

But procrastination undermines relationships and erodes trust. And when procrastinating affects  [Read more…]

Find Time by Making the Most of Your Time Snippets

Stuck in traffic

Find time even when you’re stuck in traffic!

How do you find time in your busy, fast-paced life?

It’s one of the biggest challenges we all face. Just count the times you say to yourself, “If only I had a few more hours today!”

You’re always wishing you had more time, right? But what do you do when something  [Read more…]