Difficult Personalities, Your Time and You

Angry Eagle-difficult personalities

Difficult personalities don’t have to slow you down …

Difficult personalities … do you cross paths with them in your daily travels?

If you want to make the very best use of your time, you need to figure out how to handle the so-called difficult personalities that sometimes slow you down.

How do they do that? [Read more…]

Values Clarification Helps Simplify Your Time Choices

Mountain-Values Clarification

Values clarification also clarifies your time choices.

Values clarification is a process that, engaged in periodically, helps you know yourself more deeply and create a uniquely meaningful frame for your time choices.

In previous posts here, as well as articles in the Finding Time E-zine, I’ve explored the importance of values and values clarification. In particular, I’ve highlighted the difference between  [Read more…]

Time Drains and Money Drains – Find Your Leaks!


Time drains and money drains have a lot in common.

Time drains and money drains share some similarities – actually quite a few, when you think about it. But since time drains are less visible, you may have an easier time of it identifying your money drains.

So let’s focus on that, and then swing back and apply what you learn to your time drains.

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Resilience Means Dancing in the Rain (or Snow)

Dancing-Resilience Personified

Dancing – the personification of resilience!

Resilience is a skill (as opposed to a character trait). It’s a choice that empowers, energizes, and keeps you going, no matter what.

You’re probably familiar with the following statement about this skill – here shared by Roy H. Williams, who quoted a young rabbi, saying:

Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass.
It’s about learning to dance in the rain.  [Read more…]

Befriend Your Time — It’s All You Have!

Big Ben-Befriend Time

Befriend your time to thrive in time!

Befriend time? What does that mean? Isn’t time the thing that nips at your heels and makes you worry about keeping up?

Well, while time is absolute, concrete, and universal, you actually do have choices about how you relate to it.

When you think about time, do you embrace it as your friend? Or, at least sometimes, do you feel driven and trapped by time, as if it is your enemy?  [Read more…]