Time Gremlins – They’re Real and They’re Stealing Your Time!

Clock Ticking

Are your Time Gremlins stealing your time?

Time Gremlins live inside of you and they wreak havoc with your plans. They are likely to be most active when you can least afford their mischief, and today I want to help you explore your own personal Time Gremlins – and offer some tips for taming them!

The thing is, finding time when your plate is full and you’re tired and you’re confronted with one interruption after another is daunting. [Read more…]

Your Technology Cleanse – Refresh, Rejuvenate, Reboot

Baby and Laptop

Technology eating up your time?

Have you ever considered a Technology Cleanse?

Usually I write on Monday’s about time and technology — and today I’m taking a slightly different tack, because technology is a mixed bag.

Certainly, technology is a helpful tool. But along with all of its pluses, it eats up time and energy,  [Read more…]

Stress Relieving Tips – 5 Steps You Can Take Today!

Stressed woman

Stress doesn’t have to get you down!

Stress is a fact of life these days. It can be a debilitating problem for many, taking its toll on our energy, our peace-of-mind, and our health.

Does it sometimes feel like the pressure just never ends?

Well, some stress is unavoidable, but some of it is self-created. And that’s really the good news. If you’re creating stress for yourself, then you can  [Read more…]

Time Wasters – 5 Tips for Taming Them and Finding Time

Egg Timer

Tame your time wasters and find time!

Time wasters eat away at your time and rob you of focus and energy. And they can be really sneaky – those time wasters.

I’m betting that you’ve figured out where your really big distractions are. You’ve got your eye out for them — but maybe it’s the small time wasters that throw you off.

Here are some examples:

3 Common Time Wasters [Read more…]

Time Choices that Work – Supporting a Friend in Need

Friends Walking

Making good time choices to support a friend in need.

Your ability to make good time choices is going to be challenged when a friend faces a sudden crisis and needs your immediate help.

Finding time to nurture friendships is an important investment, and usually the  [Read more…]