Truth Serum for Perfectionistic Poison

Truth serum is what you need if your life is infected with perfectionistic poison. And truth serum is what we shared recently in our post titled “Perfection Paralysis – Overcome It with 3 Tips.” You see, many of us (myself included) carry inside what I call a perfectionist sub-self. This sub-self gives us messages and supports time…

Overwhelmed by Too Many Tasks and Not Enough Hours?

Being overwhelmed seems to be a natural state for many people in today’s world. In fact, I’ve noticed that it can sometimes be an expectation and a badge of honor. Think about it. In some circles, if you’re not constantly overwhelmed, doesn’t it feel like you’re doing something wrong? Not doing enough?

Productivity Boosts for Finding Time – 7 Tips

Productivity is something we’re all aiming for, and it can be elusive at times. Every day offers new challenges and discoveries about yourself and how you make time choices. So, whatever it is that has you feeling stuck in the slow lane, don’t give up hope. Quite often, when you pause and take a look, the solution to…

Difficult Personalities Bonus Tip and Action Step

Difficult personalities — and finding time to deal with them successfully — was the focus of a post I recently shared. It was titled Difficult Personalities – Timely Tips to Ease Things Up! and it included 3 tips for reducing your reactivity, accessing your power, and using gratitude to shift your perspective. Today I have another tip and…

Fear Swallowing Your Time? 3 Tactics to Stop It!

Yesterday I wrote about how fear and anxiety stop you in your tracks, and offered some ways to turn the tables on this common time thief. The reality is that fear doesn’t need to rule you. It doesn’t have the right to  chew up another day, another week, or another month of your valuable time. Indeed,…

Difficult Personalities, Your Time and You

Difficult personalities … do you cross paths with them in your daily travels? If you want to make the very best use of your time, you need to figure out how to handle the so-called difficult personalities that sometimes slow you down. How do they do that?

Values Clarification Helps Simplify Your Time Choices

Values clarification is a process that, engaged in periodically, helps you know yourself more deeply and create a uniquely meaningful frame for your time choices. In previous posts here, as well as articles in the Finding Time E-zine, I’ve explored the importance of values and values clarification. In particular, I’ve highlighted the difference between