Journaling with Life Calendar, One Week at a Time

Journaling is a practice that I often recommend to my coaching clients. It offers itself to a wide variety of purposes. For example, many people use their journals to document life events. And this simple activity becomes a priceless gift when, years later you open an old journal and are transported back to times, people and…

Your Personal Power Boost — Get One Step Beyond Stuck!

Personal power is about the time choices you make in each and every moment. It’s isn’t a magical quality that you’re born with. No, not at all! Personal power is right within your hands, in each moment. It’s a direct result of your choice-making. So today, let’s see how far you can venture, simply by making the…

Success – 3 Powerful Questions to Chart Your Course

Yesterday we started exploring the ways you define success for yourself, and how that shapes what follows. Knowing what success looks and feels like for you and what meanings it carries is key to knowing how to achieve it. Without that knowledge, you may be pursuing goals that have no 

Focus vs. Distractions – The Battle of Our Digital Age

Distractions are everywhere and focus can certainly be a challenge to maintain. We are bombarded with information constantly, and its instant accessibility means that distraction is our baseline mode and focus becomes increasingly difficult to sustain. Does this scenario sound familiar?

3 Time Choices-Step Away from Scarcity and into Abundant Time

Feelings of scarcity add jet fuel to your stress. And the thing is, scarcity might feel like a reality, but in truth, it’s a mindset. In yesterday’s post we explored ways to help yourself Outsmart Scarcity and Live in Abundant Time Today we’re digging deeper, and I’m 

Outsmart Scarcity and Live in Abundant Time

Scarcity makes your life smaller – much smaller than it actually is or needs to be. You have the ability to outsmart that mentality – and today I want to help you get started so that you move out of scarce time and into abundant time. The scarcity mentality can arise in any situation. It’s not just about…

Truth Serum for Perfectionistic Poison

Truth serum is what you need if your life is infected with perfectionistic poison. And truth serum is what we shared recently in our post titled “Perfection Paralysis – Overcome It with 3 Tips.” You see, many of us (myself included) carry inside what I call a perfectionist sub-self. This sub-self gives us messages and supports time…