Time Gremlins – They’re Real and They’re Stealing Your Time!

Clock Ticking

Are your Time Gremlins stealing your time?

Time Gremlins live inside of you and they wreak havoc with your plans. They are likely to be most active when you can least afford their mischief, and today I want to help you explore your own personal Time Gremlins – and offer some tips for taming them!

The thing is, finding time when your plate is full and you’re tired and you’re confronted with one interruption after another is daunting. [Read more…]

Perfectionism and Procrastination – Twin Thieves of Your Time

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Perfectionism got you on hold?

Perfectionism and procrastination are two of the biggest time wasters out there.

Discouraging and debilitating, they eat up your energy, sap your confidence, and take away your time.

And as if perfectionism alone weren’t bad enough – it is like rocket fuel for procrastination. [Read more…]

Time Wasters – 5 Tips for Taming Them and Finding Time

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Tame your time wasters and find time!

Time wasters eat away at your time and rob you of focus and energy. And they can be really sneaky – those time wasters.

I’m betting that you’ve figured out where your really big distractions are. You’ve got your eye out for them — but maybe it’s the small time wasters that throw you off.

Here are some examples:

3 Common Time Wasters [Read more…]

Productivity Tips and Tools Turn Guesswork into Power Plans

Planning leads to productivity!

Planning leads to productivity!

Productivity can seem elusive sometimes, but finding the time you need to do the things you need to do isn’t a matter of magic … or guesswork.

No, when it comes right down to it, what productivity requires is planning.

And for planning to be successful, you need to be able to make accurate estimates about how long each task on your list of priorities is going to take.

That may sound simple, but many  [Read more…]

5 Focus Tips to Power Up Your Productivity and Find Time

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Focus – Here’s how to find it!

Focus isn’t easy to come by these days. We’re constantly bombarded with information and easily distracted.

We want answers ‘right now’ and are likely to grab our phones or tablets to search for an interesting tidbit at the drop of a hat. [Read more…]

Projects – Manage Expectations and Find Time


Projects – how are you managing?

As fall unfolds, how many projects do you have on our plate?

And, more to the point, how are you managing them?

Whether you’re in school, a parent, an entrepreneur or a coach, you probably have lots of projects percolating and maybe an equal number coming due. It  [Read more…]

Project Preparation – 5 Timely Tips

Project Planning Tools

Project planning gets you from Point A to Point B!

Starting a project and following it through to completion involves time management skills that translate into lots of other situations,

Not long ago I shared a post about finding time to start your project.

There are two key components to this enterprise: [Read more…]