Learning Survey – 18 Bonuses Just for Sharing How You Learn!


How do you like to learn?

If you are a small business owner, coach, or entrepreneur you know that you and your peers are always on the look-out for ways to enhance your skills. And lately, I feel like I’ve been noticing some changes in the ways that people prefer to absorb and learn new business-related  [Read more…]

Beginnings – Find Time to Make Yours Successful!

Big Step

Beginnings are all about the first step!

Beginnings can be a challenge for many of us.

Quite often the toughest moment in a project or activity is taking the first actual action step.

Despite your best efforts at mental rehearsal and preparing the optimal environment, the first step can look almost insurmountable  [Read more…]

Project Got You Stuck? Step #1 – Find Time to Start!

Pen and Notepad

Project preparation gets you unstuck!

When faced with a new project, do you find yourself stuck before you begin? Whether you stall out or rush in, you’ll find these tips about preparation extremely helpful.

You benefit in a number of ways by engaging in thoughtful mental and physical action steps prior to starting your project. You maintain your motivation and  [Read more…]

Schedule Reflection Time to Be More Productive

Reflection on Water

Schedule reflection time for yourself.

Your schedule is one of the tools that you use to optimize your productivity. And when you schedule time to reflect you are NOT being unproductive.

In fact, you’re giving yourself a gift. Your productivity always boils down to your time choices, and you make better choices when you reflect on them! [Read more…]

Procrastination-Beat It Right Now With 7 Timely Tips!

Dog Pulling Back

Procrastination got you stuck?

Is procrastination a serious challenge in your life?

Even when we know that waiting too long will create a lot of challenges, getting started can still seem impossible.

But procrastination undermines relationships and erodes trust. And when procrastinating affects  [Read more…]

Focus Wavering? You Can Boost it in Just 40 Seconds!

Cat and Eyeglasses

Find Focus in 40 Seconds

Focus is a fundamental key to your productivity. And yet, in our information-saturated world, distractions come at us from every direction – and focus is exceedingly difficult to maintain.

Time boundaries help, as do practices like turning off e-mail, unplugging your phone, and closing your door when you really  [Read more…]

Time Success-Find Yours in the Finding Time E-zine

Time Success Sign

Time Success – Find Ideas in the Finding Time E-zine!

Time success grows from time management skills – and honing those skills is always time well spent!

At the beginning of a new month, do you find time to reflect on ways to be more efficient and effective?

Your time, after all, is the foundation of everything you do. [Read more…]