Transform Your Time and Life with New Habits for Health and Success

Happy cartoon transform

Transform your time with a new habit!

If you want to transform your time and your life, where do you start?

The answer might really surprise you. Since ‘transform’ is such a big, all-encompassing word, you naturally expect it to involve major changes and upheavals.

But in reality, if you want to transform your time, your life, and yourself,  [Read more…]

Transform Your Time Into Gifts – 3 Timely Tips

Card and candle

Transform your time into gifts.

As the holiday season approaches gift-giving comes to the forefront for many people.

But maybe money is tight. Or maybe you want to do something different this year – something that feels especially meaningful and from the heart.

Well, your time, which costs no money, may be the unique gift that shines through the years in people’s memories. What if you transform your time into gifts? [Read more…]

Procrastination Tips – Move from Avoidance to Completion in No Time!

Chipmunk Hiding

Sorry … hiding really won’t help!

Procrastination. Do some jobs just make you want to hide?

Well, outsmarting procrastination, especially when a job you hate is what’s waiting, can be a real challenge. But the truth is that when procrastination creates a logjam for you, those dreaded tasks become even more of a nuisance.

So, here are 5 timely tips that will  [Read more…]

Find Time by Making the Most of Your Time Snippets

Find time even when you’re stuck in traffic!

How do you find time in your busy, fast-paced life?

It’s one of the biggest challenges we all face. Just count the times you say to yourself, “If only I had a few more hours today!”

You’re always wishing you had more time, right? But what do you do when something  [Read more…]

Strong Time: 3 Markers for Your Heart-Based Journey

Path in the woods

Strong time: Find your own, unique path!

In our last post we explored the concept of Strong Time and the profoundly different experience of time (and of yourself) that it offers.

Remember, the most powerful promise of the Heart-Based Time Management™ System is about opening up to yourself and your own unexplored potential. [Read more…]