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The Time SchoolAt Finding Time we are constantly developing products to help you enhance your relationship with time from the inside out, increasing both your effectiveness and your productivity.

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“These Critical Voices Are Driving Me Crazy!”



This Exercise and Guide Book helps you learn 
“How to Use Positive Self-Talk to Save Your Sanity and Your Time!”

It offers simple, practical exercises, checklists and tips for learning to recognize the critical voices that disrupt, hurt and haunt you. Not only that, but this Guide Book presents powerful ways for you to counter those negative messages.

It’s so exciting! We really can make conscious choices about the kinds of messages that we give ourselves.

“These Critical Voices Are Driving Me Crazy!” gives you a step-by-step path to take back your power and quiet the self-criticism that saps your confidence, your energy, and your time.

Don’t let these hurtful voices hold you hostage! Isn’t it time that you start living in a different way?  Click the link to get started.



The Twitter Trap

Twitter Trap


Eliminate the frustration of the Twitter time trap by creating a time plan that works for YOU.

Twitter is a powerful tool AND it can be a huge distraction and time trap.  So this is your very own, step-by-step, time-saving guide to help you create your Twitter Time Plan.  

Using it, you will optimize your Twitter Time and avoid the Twitter Trap.

Click this link to give yourself The Twitter Trap today, plus additional free bonuses.




Stepping Stones to Success

Stepping Stones


Along with renowned authorities like Deepak Chopra, Jack Canfield, and Dr. Denis Waitley, Paula Eder shares her expertise, guiding you step by step to fully stand in your power.

Paula’s chapter, “Secrets to Heart-Based Time Management”, offers a road-map for making authentic and powerful time choices.

Here you will find the Six Modules of her Heart-Based Time Management System ™.  By using them, you will learn how to integrate your inner and outer energies.

This offer includes shipping and an immediate digital download of Paula’s chapter.

To get started, click this link.


How to Create Credibility as a Freelancer



Are you a solopreneur, consultant, or small business owner who’s ready to take the next big step?

Want to learn how you create and keep a successful business running?

Then you’ll want to claim this tips booklet with 70 expert-proven tips to help you recharge your energy and motivation, increase your visibility, and sharpen those vital organizational and time management skills.

Success is right within your reach… can you feel it?

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