Letting Go and Moving Ahead – Traveling Through Transition Times

letting go trapeze

Letting go lets you keep moving.

Letting go is a time management skill that is key to getting things done. It’s not a skill that gets talked about all that much, though.

Maybe that’s because letting go is a little like the spaces between words, or between notes in a musical composition. The spaces are so important because, without them, there’s no movement.   [Read more…]

Transitional Activities Move You Through Transitions

Bridge-Transitional Activities

Transitional activities provide a bridge for you.

Transitional activities are important time tools because they help you navigate your transitions more effectively.

Transitions, whether large or small, are challenging because they involve change. They are unsettling, by definition. You are moving from one thing to another. That evokes feelings. It also entails a shift in your orientation. [Read more…]

Transition Tips for Navigating in Uncertain Times

Transition Road

Transition times – 5 tips to move through them skillfully.

Transition times are nothing if not unsettling. In my last post, I explored the nature of transitions and how they impact you. I included a 10-minute exercise to help you explore how you frame transitions.

Today, I’d like to look at 5 specific tips that will help you navigate through transition times and the uncertainty that they present. So let’s get started, shall we? [Read more…]

Transitions in Your Life – Finding Time to Adapt and Grow


Transitions are part of the weave of your life.

Transitions are happening all the time. Our lives are peppered with them, and they affect us on every level.

For example, global warming is a worldwide transition, occurring over many years, with universal impact. On a more personal and individual level, our lives are colored with fundamental transitional events, such as birth and death. [Read more…]

Growing Older — Find Time to Appreciate the Experience


Growing older – greet it with curiosity and compassion, and thrive!

Growing older is an experience that happens to all of us, if we are lucky. It’s universal and it’s happening all the time, whether we acknowledge it or not.

And growing older brings with it changes that can be challenging on a number of fronts. So, today I want to explore a topic that many who write about time ignore … finding time to accommodate changes as you age, and finding time to achieve true contentment  [Read more…]