12 Day Secret-How to Use One Timely Tip to Make Every Moment Shine!

12 Day SecretThe 12 Day Secret is all about time and self-care and really assimilating, right down to your toes, that the way to live your moments fully is to be your own very best friend!

So, taking the theme of the 12 Days of Christmas, I’ve created the 12 Day Secret!  It’s a secret that we can all unlock – and when we do, so many benefits follow.  If there’s ONE TIP that I’d recommend to you for the Holiday Season and beyond … it’s the 12 Day Secret!

12 Day Secret: The Foundation

The 12 Days of Christmas, if you’re not familiar with it, is a song about a series of gifts given to someone by her (Or is it his?  Hmmmm … I’ve never really thought about it!) true love.  The gifts are given, in ever-increasing numbers, over 12 days.

First, imagine receiving such gifts from someone.  How the anticipation builds … and how warmly you feel toward that person.

Then imagine being the giver … how your heart expands with each gift … and how you enjoy watching your loved one’s excitement and appreciation!

12 Day Secret:  How It Works for YOU

When you make the 12 Day Secret a part of your life, you commit to giving yourself gifts of nurturing and self-care, and with each passing day.

You are BOTH the giver and the receiver.  And this has a very profound effect on your relationship with yourself.  Your gifts have a double impact.  In and of themselves, they are nurturing; and they also impart the message that you truly love yourself and care about your own well-being.  That is the part that is life-changing.

Now, you may be thinking, “Well, of course I love myself!”  But if you step back and take a close look at how you treat yourself, you are likely going to see that, at best, you give yourself lots of mixed messages.

12 Day Secret:  Try It, You’ll Like It!

So, I encourage you to give this a try and see how it affects your moments and your days.  And to get you started, here are a few additional thoughts and tips to consider:

  • Sit quietly with yourself as you consider the gifts of self-nurture to share with YOU over this span of time.  Let yourself give gifts that really touch you.  This inner dialogue can be very revealing!
  • A nice thing about the 12 Day Secret is that it builds slowly.  You begin with one gift, then two, then three, and so on.  As you become more and more accustomed to this self-caring process, the ideas will flow more and more freely!
  • Think outside the box.  Be creative and mix it up.  Your gifts of self-nurture can be concrete and specific, like taking two walks during the day.  Or they might be something like giving yourself 10 affirmations.  What’s key is that your gifts be about YOU and what touches your heart.
  •   The holiday season is a great time to practice the 12 Day Secret – but you can make this yours and use it anytime – and for any number of days.  Just imagine giving yourself gifts every day of the month … or year!  The possibilities are endless.

So I hope you find the 12 Day Secret helpful – and wish you days of self-nurture and moments that are ever-deepening and expanding as a result!

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