2 More Timely Tips to Tame the Difficult Personalities that Want to Steal Your Time!

Finding time to increase your productivity by creating and maintaining time boundaries is a foundational tool for attaining your goals.  But how do you handle those difficult personalities who slow you down? Last week we shared a tip from The Finding Time E-zine that addresses this challenge.

Here are 2 more tips to help you transform dead-end dynamics by creatively rethinking your own time choices when stressed.

1. Locate your power point in “stuck” interactions.

In every problematic interchange, there exists a special power point. Generally, this is the place where you are so stuck you don’t even know you’re stuck! Take space, relax, and invite insights to surface. Keep the focus on your end of the struggle.

Your challenge is to create choices you can implement to improve your situation, regardless of what the other person does. This strengthens your negotiating position immensely.

Notice how the more you focus on empowering yourself, the less resentful you feel about your inability to control the other party!

2. Thanks – a lot!

What do ceaseless tug of wars give you? Certainly, tunnel vision! Paradoxically, appreciating your “partner in challenge” can provide you with fresh insights that might lead to genuine progress.

Consider taking a few minutes to list anything and everything you appreciate about the person you lock horns with. You might even draft a brief letter of gratitude, to help restore perspective. Cultivating a thankful attitude lowers blood pressure and enables you to relate to the entire person, including whatever strengths they possess.

So let go. You are far more likely to identify potentials for mutual benefit when you are relaxed and cooperative.

You nourish and actually create a stronger self, every time you clarify your priorities and assertively protect them. What a wonderful way to develop and celebrate your power throughout your life!

How do you deal with these kinds of challenges in your life?  Was this helpful?  Please feel invited to drop me a line – I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences!

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