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HubSpot offers a wealth of information and tools.

HubSpot was founded by friends who met at MIT in 2004. The marketing field was going through something of a sea change back then. Social media and on-line entrepreneurs were flexing their muscles and starting to transform the ways people connected.

So, long story short, HubSpot was launched. They entered the marketing world with a philosophy summed up as follows:

People don’t want to be interrupted by marketers or harassed by salespeople. They want to be helped.

How does HubSpot work with that?

Well, for one thing, they’ve taken their own philosophy to heart. Over the years they’ve developed and shared an extensive collection of tools and resources. These provide marketers with practical guidance for streamlining their work and making it more accessible on the web.

At HubSpot, the word they use to describe their marketing philosophy is “Inbound.” And here’s a video to give you a small, intriguing taste of what “Inbound” means:

HubSpot for Inbound Marketing

So, HubSpot’s aim is to move marketing efforts from outbound to inbound. That means moving away from the old world of cold calls, email spam, etc.

Instead, Inbound lead generation is about enabling people to “find” you in the normal course of the ways that they shop and learn. It’s about being more visible.

Free Stuff from HubSpot

And the resources are rich and varied. Along with paid services, much of what HubSpot offers is free, for example:

  • The Blog Topic Generator helps you come up with title ideas when you’re stuck. Just enter 3 words (preferably nouns) and let the generator do its job.
  • Their Marketing Library is a cornucopia of free marketing resources. Arranged by topic area, you’re sure to find items of interest.
  • Their materials are offered in varied formats, too. You’ll find e-books, webinars, templates, as well as analytical tools.

Big Gains from Small Changes

The HubSpot website grader, for example, looks at your site and grades it based on key components they’ve identified. These are aimed at measuring the effectiveness of your efforts. And in addition to your ‘grade,’ you also receive practical suggestions to help you increase your marketing reach.

Quite often the changes that are needed are not major by any means.A small investment can make a big difference.

What next?

So, why not explore the rich and supportive material available at HubSpot? I think you’ll find it worth your time.

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