Questions are Powerful Time Tools, So Try This When You’re Stuck

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Friendly questions get you unstuck.

Asking questions is a tried and true method for gaining information and for learning. Just ask Socrates.

But did you ever consider the ways that asking yourself questions can function as a powerful time management strategy?

It really can, and in part that’s because asking yourself some targeted questions always requires you to pause.

So that, right there, introduces an element of reflection. In turn, that reflection informs your next choice.

Questions and time challenges.

Questions are especially helpful when procrastination has you stuck and stymied. Indeed, finding time to move from procrastination to action is a perennial time management challenge.

When you just can’t budge on a task that you’re procrastinating about, what do you do?

What helps and what might not…

Some time management ideas to help you in this situation might include taking steps to get more organized or more disciplined about your time choices.  However, with really stubborn procrastination, tactics like this don’t always help.

In fact, these strategies may leave you feeling even more guilty and frustrated — or like you’re just repeatedly running into a brick wall.

Okay, so then what do you do?

Try letting go as a first step. 

Step away from the time management struggle, take some deep breaths, and work to stop feeling annoyed with yourself.

Next, create a friendly question to help yourself develop a better strategy.

Ask yourself “What am I waiting for?” or “What will happen if I get started?”

Listen to yourself as you would to a friend.  Don’t judge or censor.  Write down the answer or answers that come up for you, and then move ahead to tackle the clarified issues realistically.

Friendliness is key here.

Asking yourself a friendly question is always going to elicit helpful information.  The friendly tone is reassuring and goes a long way toward overcoming self-critical attitudes that are generally unhelpful in overcoming procrastination.  (Indeed, if you are berating yourself for not moving ahead, that pretty much ensures that you’re going to stay stuck.)

So the next time you find yourself putting something off over and over, and becoming frustrated with the way you are managing your time, take a moment to ask yourself a couple of friendly questions.

And for more help with procrastination…

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