3 Heart-Based Time Management™ Tips to Help You Find Time for a Lion-Hearted Holiday!

Finding time for heartfelt holiday activities is a warm opportunity to celebrate you and your loved ones, just as much as the season!  To achieve this, one of the key ingredients you’ll need is courage.  Now, I know that courage isn’t a word that one normally associates with this season, but read on …

Courage is key because it helps you navigate year-end demands and shepherd your time and energy so that you are able to experience more deeply satisfying moments.

Interested? Here are 3 Heart-Based Time Management™ Tips to help you access and activate your courage.  And just remember, this is one of the finest holiday gifts you can craft for yourself:

  1. Courage offers clarity and confidence. When you let your heart guide you, your sense of direction is clear. You can enter the whirlwind of the season with your feet firmly planted on the ground. Your sense of self-worth centers you and your clarity gives you direction as you make time choices.
  2. Courage helps you prioritize.  When your health and peace of mind remain at the top of your “To Do List” you clearly commit to safeguard them in the face of countless invitations, temptations and demands.  Which activities would detract from your time? Imagine declining those invitations until saying No feels natural and comfortable.
  3. Courage empowers you to step away from “shoulds” and create a vivid picture of your favorite choices in advance. These positive images provide valuable perspective and fuel your assertiveness.  When you say “No” to something, these images remind you of what you are saying “Yes” to.

I will share more thoughts about how expanding your courage expands your time in upcoming posts.  In the meantime, I also wanted to share some exciting news!

The Time Finder was, for the second year in a row, featured as one of the Top 50 Productivity Blogs of 2011 by Evan Carmichael.  We are so pleased about this terrific honor … and privileged to be part of Evan Carmichael’s fantastic collection of productivity blogs.  We have posted the badge in our sidebar, so that you can visit the collection whenever you want – it’s an excellent resource for productivity ideas, information and tools.

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As you work with the ideas I offer, you’ll explore your patterns, clarify your values, identify and prioritize your goals … and create your path for achieving them.  You can give yourself the gift of this wonderful resource today, and get started on your journey toward success, Stepping Stone by Stepping Stone …just click this link to get the details!

Let’s explore time together …

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