3 Time Choices-Step Away from Scarcity and into Abundant Time


Scarcity is a mindset.

Feelings of scarcity add jet fuel to your stress. And the thing is, scarcity might feel like a reality, but in truth, it’s a mindset.

In yesterday’s post we explored ways to help yourself Outsmart Scarcity and Live in Abundant Time

Today we’re digging deeper, and I’m  going to share 3 time choices you can make to free yourself from this mind-altering, energy-draining trap.

Step Away from Scarcity – 3 Time Choices

1. ACCEPT deep inside your core that time is limited.

It is quite a paradox – making abundant time choices will start with FULLY ACCEPTING that time is finite! It is SO tempting to try to squeeze just a little more into your day than you can comfortably fit. And that keeps you stuck on the treadmill, chasing after opportunities that always beckon just out of reach.

What a deceptive illusion it is to act as if there are more than 24 hours in a day! When you subscribe to this, you’re disappointed daily, and overextended, too. So wake up to abundance by EMBRACING reality! This is where your power truly lies.


Once you fully grasp the nature of time’s limits, you see that you MUST set clear priorities. Creating a clear hierarchy of priorities is a cornerstone of developing an abundance mentality. You develop that all-important skill of distinguishing your wants from your needs. And that makes it infinitely easier to simplify your life without feeling deprived. When you truly accept that some letting go is essential, your resistance to making tough decisions will gradually give way to inner contentment.

Why does courageous prioritizing bring freedom and spaciousness? Because making the difficult decisions and living by them CREATES MORE YOU!

You are more defined. You are more mature. You experience firsthand how simplifying your schedule to fit the 24 hours in a day EMPOWERS you to step off the treadmill. And the more you experience your personal power through wise time choices, the less you look outside yourself.

That is when your own INNER ABUNDANCE really shines.

3. BE gratitude.

This dramatic shift in consciousness generates instant fulfillment. ONLY when you experience how gratitude transforms your approach to life will you possess EVERYTHING you need to live with joy. And that is abundance!

As you simplify your schedule and set aside time to look within, notice how you can make healthy decisions for yourself more easily. Positive builds on positive, and your circle of appreciation grows!

Try writing down 3 things you are grateful for every night, and note how the choices you make contribute to these blessings in your life.

Moving from scarcity time to abundant time is a journey. Some rewards are immediate. Others come slowly, with patient, surefooted steps. Nightly rituals like writing down 3 blessings carry a triple benefit:

  • They enhance your awareness in the moment,
  • They help you identify what time choices truly bring joy to your life, and
  • They enable you to trace and validate your progress.

By transitioning from the illusion of scarcity to the reality of inner abundance, you enter a flow. Multiple rewards from wise time choices become more common. Your creativity has fertile ground to flower, and you feel freer to experiment. Mistakes reveal themselves to be the lessons they always were.

It’s like waking from a spell!

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