3 Wise Gardening Guidelines — How to Clear Your Clutter

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Gardening involves many small steps…

What does gardening have to do with clutter?

Well, if you think about it, isn’t your clutter a little like the weeds in your garden?

Whether it’s your inbox, your To-Do List, or your kitchen cabinets, clutter can be overwhelming and energy-draining.  And gardening offers some ideas to help you clear your path to success.

So try thinking of yourself as a gardener, as you survey whatever is cluttering your life. and imagine the new potentials you can open up for yourself as you clear away the non-essentials.

3 Wise Gardening Guidelines

So, here’s where we start.  Your time and your space are both finite. If they become filled with unnecessary tasks or objects, you will struggle to find time and room for the really important things. So think of those unnecessary things as weeds, and let’s do some gardening.

1. Divide the job into sections.

If it’s discouraging to look at your situation as a whole, adopt the philosophy of the wise gardener. You know that you can’t weed your whole garden in a single afternoon. So what do you do? You divide it into sections and clear out a piece at a time.

2. Start with the easiest challenge. 

You may be tempted to take on a big project in order to make the most progress.  But you can actually move ahead more quickly by starting small. That’s because you build muscle, rather than strain your back, by growing strength gradually.

So, for example, begin by de-cluttering a small part of your To-Do List or calendar.  Just omit one or two activities you’re ready to let go of.  Or maybe try clearing a small area in your house, like a drawer or a countertop. Once you’ve de-cluttered something, you’ll experience the results, and that helps fuel your next de-cluttering effort.

3. Maintain your progress as you move forward. 

You are working to create a new system, so maintenance needs to become a habit.  As you incorporate this change into your routine, you create a base so that you can build on your progress.

Think of the garden image:  After you clear the weeds and admire your work, you might choose to mulch the area to discourage new weeds from taking the place of the old. Savoring your work and the spaciousness it creates is part of the reward that encourages you to keep going. And keeping up that good work means that you are keeping those muscles in shape. That stands you in good stead for weeding new areas or maintaining what you’ve already cleared!

Enjoy the results…

As you chip away at the chaos that clutter creates, and find more time and space for yourself, you will be amazed to see what emerges. That’s because clutter not only clogs your time and your space, it clogs your energy, your creativity, and your confidence, as well.

Of course, letting go of habits is hard. And clutter is nothing if not a habit. But just give these tips a try and see what it does for you when you start approaching this issue with steadiness, curiosity, and compassion.

Before you know it, you’ll start experiencing changes. So, how will you start simplifying your life today?

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