30 Second Habit App Boosts Memory, Productivity and Time!

30 Second Habit App holds promise!

Remember the 30 Second Habit?

It’s a very helpful productivity idea that we wrote about some months ago on The Time Finder.

The basic idea of the 30 Second Habit is to take 30 seconds immediately after an experience to extract and record its most important element(s).

This can be a challenging discipline to master.  Timeliness and brevity are essential, and the goal is to give yourself just enough information to be able to jog your memory. 

It is important to stick to the 30 second timeframe and to work to fully focus on capturing the essence of the experience you’ve just had. As the author notes, this isn’t easy – but it’s a habit that becomes second-nature over time, with practice.

Not only that, but it changes the way you experience things – the way you engage with your moments:

“Once you get into the habit of the 30 second review, it starts to change the way you pay attention, whether listening to a talk or participating in a discussion. It’s like learning to detect a simple melody amidst a cacophony of sound. And as you listen with more focus, and ask better questions which prompt actionable answers, so your 30 second review becomes more useful.” (Excerpt from the original post by Robyn Scott on Medium.)

Having practiced this method since writing about it, I can vouch for its power and utility. The discipline of reflecting, after-the-fact, on an experience is an important step itself. Then quickly writing down what was most meaningful – what I want to remember – is even more helpful. It triggers my memory and takes me right back to the heart of the matter in almost no time.

One of the challenges of this method, however, had been retrieving my 3o Second Habit jottings efficiently.  If you use the tool a lot you are going to have hundreds of notations in almost no time.  How do you find the one you need when you need it?

Well, here’s a great new 30 Second Habit tool that I was pleased to hear about recently.  It’s called the 30 Second Habit App and it offers an easy-to-use place to record and retrieve your 30 Second Habit posts.

Here’s how the tags look on an iPad.

App features include:

  • A 30 second timer to help you maintain your focus and time boundary when entering a new post.  (It will vibrate or make a sound when you are out of time – but you can actually continue writing if you want to.)
  • A screen where you can view your posts as a list.
  • The app also gives you the ability to tag your posts and to set reminders based either on date or location.
  • The free version gives you a basic selection of tags.  Purchasing the premium version (it’s just $.99) allows you to create your own tags – a feature that I find very useful).
  • The premium version also allows you to search your posts and sort them in a variety of ways (by tag, location, date, etc.)

Here’s a 30 Second video about the 30 Second Habit App!

I look forward to seeing how this app evolves.  Available now for the iPhone and iPad, it’s an excellent tool with lots of potential. I would be especially pleased to see it become available on a wider variety of platforms so that entries can be made and retrieved no matter where I am and what venue I am working in.

What do you think?  Does the 30 Second Habit App look like something you’ll use?  I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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