30 Seconds is All the Time It Takes to Step into Abundance


30 seconds is all you need…

30 seconds doesn’t sound like much time, does it?

But honestly, that’s all the time it takes to move yourself from a scarcity mindset to one of abundance.

Would you like to find abundant space for your creativity? Well, you may be interested to know that there’s a connection between your physical space and your creativity.

And I don’t just mean the space that surrounds you, but also the space you are IN — your body.

30 Second Stretch

Gently elongating your body in a simple, 30-second stretch opens up your inner spaciousness, making room for your feelings and ideas, and for YOU.

Reaching outward from deep inside reduces your urge to push your pace into a headlong rush, too.

As you take time to stretch, you’ll gently see and feel how your understanding of time is intimately linked with how you live in your body.

It’s really quite remarkable.

When your body is cramped, your perceptions, feelings, and energies will narrow, too.

Shallow breathing and constriction will almost always ratchet up anxiety.  This, in turn, generates a false sense of urgency.  When you are cramped and constricted and urgent, your creativity is not likely to flow.

Compare that to how you feel when your body is well-stretched and humming with vitality. Naturally, then, you are living in spacious, abundant time.

And your creativity has room to breathe and blossom.

It’s so simple…

So celebrate the ever-present miracle of your body unfolding. Try this simple, potent, 30 second exercise and enrich your awareness of the moment in any quiet place you can find:

  • Whether seated or standing, simply stretch out your arms to either side.
  • See how moment by moment, your arms reach further and further.
  • Now relax, and bring your awareness within. Notice how exploring this outer space has increased your sense of inner spaciousness, too.
  • As you oxygenate your body and stretch your muscles, a new calmness and relaxed appreciation of time suffuses your being.

Try it…

Often it’s these quick treats that help us the most, because we can engage in them so easily — literally anywhere and at any time of day.

So indulge and be the stronger for it. Give your body all the love and oxygen it so deserves, and enjoy entering this special flow of time.

How will you start giving yourself this gift today?

Want more help?

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