5-Minutes is All You Need to Nip Procrastination in the Bud

procrastination tip 5-minutes
What can you do in 5-minutes?

5-minutes? Really?

Yes, turning procrastination into productivity is a challenge that you can actually address in just 5-minutes.

With 100% success. All the time. 

I know that sounds like an extremely bold claim, but in my experience, it really is true. Procrastination needn’t hold you hostage. Here’s what you can do…

Start somewhere.

After all, the core challenge with procrastination is making a start.  That’s the biggest hurdle, and once you’ve moved past it, your procrastination probably recedes like the landscape in your rear-view mirror.

Why 5-Minutes? 

Well, in a nutshell, 5-Minutes is a block of time that everyone can give themselves access to, pretty much any time. 

I think that the reason many or most people procrastinate lies in a feeling of overwhelm.  Maybe a task looks too large or you feel like it is beyond you for one reason or another.  You don’t know where to begin, and so you don’t.  The longer you wait, the larger and more overwhelming your task seems.  You are stuck.

Decide and do…

So, that’s the beauty of the 5-Minute Solution for procrastination.  You can take 5-minutes pretty much whenever you choose and make a quick start on whatever has you stymied.  There is no need to wait for the “right time” — just decide and do.

And a 5-minute commitment isn’t overwhelming or scary.  You aren’t going to get too far into your task, yet 5-minutes gives you enough time to dip your toe in and begin to get a better sense of your project.  In those 5-minutes you can make a start and know what your next step will be.

In 5-minutes things look different…

Your project no longer looms as an overwhelming monolith.  You have found your way in, have a toehold and some traction, and can continue to move ahead. 

As you start making progress you’ll feel energized and engaged. What had seemed a hurdle will become an ever-expanding horizon. Now, isn’t that 5-minutes well spent?

So, what do you typically do when you realize you are procrastinating?  Are there particular practices or tools that you find helpful? And what will you do right now, to get yourself started?

Here’s more help for you:

If procrastination holds you back, you’re certainly not alone. Millions of people struggle with this energy draining time thief. Procrastination’s costs include lost productivity, lost income, lost opportunities, frazzled nerves and damaged relationships.

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