7 Productivity Tips for an Energized Month

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Energize and focus…

Productivity tips come in handy when you’re busy and your energy is flagging.

And when are you NOT busy?

Indeed, productivity tips can really save the day when you’re striving to accomplish daily tasks. And they are especially key when you are also aiming to work toward long term goals.

Maintaining the daily while moving toward the long-term requires focus and discipline.  And here’s one over-arching idea to include with ALL of your productivity tips:

Building in small rewards along the way helps you stay on track. Those rewards also provide breaks that motivate and refresh.

Consistency counts

When you are consistent with yourself, you build self-trust and integrate your energy by matching your words with your actions. In the end, this also strengthens your self-discipline.  That’s because, when you follow promises with concrete action, you heighten your incentive to focus on problem tasks.

So how do you go about setting this positive cycle in motion? 

7 productivity tips to get you started

  1. Start small. Your commitments are promises. Never make a promise you may not be able to follow through on.
  2. Don’t retract — reschedule. If you can’t follow through on a reward or a commitment, don’t just let it drop.  Set another time for it.
  3. Set your bar for success. Don’t make your rewards conditional on overambitious tasks.
  4. Go public. Reinforcement helps with follow-through, so tell a friend what you intend to do.
  5. Practice builds proficiency. Build in small rewards at key spots to keep yourself on track.
  6. Build up. Over time, start including larger rewards. Match them to more complex or time-consuming tasks.
  7. Free treats. Don’t forget to have fun.  Build in time for yourself that doesn’t depend on achievement or productivity. For example, aim to take one day a month for whatever you want to do, no matter what. This recharge your energy and enhance your creativity.

Choose a reward for yourself…

Providing meaningful rewards to yourself is a meaningful way to foster focus and discipline while also boosting your energy, alertness, and creativity.  And as you begin to build in rewards along the way, you’ll see an increase in your productivity.

So, what kinds of small rewards are meaningful for you? 

What three rewards will you build into your day today?

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