A Warm Bath and Work — How to Fit It All In and Thrive

A warm bath
Sometimes a warm bath is what you need…

A warm bath and time management?


When you’re managing competing needs and competing priorities, how do you make time for self-care?

We face hard choices every day in our busy lives. 

A reader raised one aspect of this challenge in an email the other day. And I was especially interested in the way that she framed it:

When I step back from managing my work time and all the competing priorities I have, I find that I run into the same challenges with my downtime.

I have competing needs, and yet, honestly, it just feels like more work to manage those choices. I’m still looking at the clock and feeling some pressure around ‘what to do.’ And then, in the end, my boundary about getting to bed may be compromised by my desire to take a warm bath.

Can you offer me any help with this?

A reader of The Time Finder

This is a great way to describe a challenge that many of us share. And as I reflected on the question, a few things came to mind, that may help:

Take breaks…

Especially when you are very busy, try giving yourself brief breaks during the day.  If you can do that, you may not feel such a strong need to rebel against the need to manage your time at the end of the day.

Remember, you’re in charge…

You may find it helpful is to remind yourself that you are in the driver’s seat when it comes to your time choices at each step along the way. When you remember that the time priorities are yours to set, you are bound to feel less rebellious. 

Conversely, if your time choices are being made based on a “should” or you are making them based on others’ needs and wants, then you are very likely to feel victimized and rebellious somewhere along the line.

A warm bath? Pause before deciding.

It is always helpful to pause for brief reflection before making a time choice. This is especially true if some part of you is questioning your choice.  When you pause you give yourself an opportunity to introduce your more balanced, “adult” voice to the conversation. And this, in turn, makes your choice less reactive and more grounded.

So, in the situation described in the question, you might end up choosing a warm bath even after reflecting. While 15 minutes or so of relaxing in a warm bath might move your bedtime back, it might improve the quality of your sleep as well.

Here’s what is key…

Following the steps I’ve outlined above, you will be making and owning your choices from your center, rather than from an ungrounded impulse such as frustration or rebellion.

Managing competing time priorities, sorting out competing needs, and differentiating wants from needs are all challenges that we face multiple times each day. 

How do you manage competing time priorities?  And what will you do to make sure self-care is part of your repertoire today?

For more help…

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