Abundance vs. Scarcity in your Life and Your Time

Scarcity or Abundance - Empty or FullScarcity is a state of mind.  It’s really nothing more (and nothing less).

When you re-frame scarcity as a choice, rather than a concrete reality, you step out of the scarcity trap and open up all sorts of possibilities for yourself.

Scarcity vs. Abundance

Have you experienced the pleasure of living fully engaged? You are in the flow, and new possibilities materialize as if by magic. It’s delightful! And it’s good for you, too.

Working from an abundance mentality promotes your well-being, sparks creativity and enriches your relationships. You feel spacious and life feels like a welcoming adventure.

The Scarcity Trap

It’s easy to fall into a scarcity mentality. Scarcity thinking ties you up in knots and sours your perspective. Worst of all, it’s so common that you may not even realize you’re ensnared.  Do you think you may be caught up in scarcity thinking?

Here’s a quick quiz to find out:

Scarcity or Abundance Mentality?

  1. True/False      As soon as I wake up, I feel under pressure.
  2. True/False      Often I feel like I’m trapped on a treadmill.
  3. True/False      There’s never time to do what I truly want to do.
  4. True/False      There’s no room to experiment, let alone slip up!
  5. True/False      I find myself dreading change.

Would you always, or even often, answer “True” to these statements? If so, you can dramatically improve your energy and productivity by overcoming the scarcity mentality.

Now that you know a little bit more about the mentality that you bring to your life and your time choices, stay tuned:  On Thursday I’ll be sharing 3 powerful time tips for freeing yourself from scarcity and stepping into abundance!

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