Abundant Living — How Your Priorities Help You With That

values and priorities

Your priorities move you toward abundant living.

Abundant living isn’t just an expression. It’s a powerful and empowered way of life.

And abundant living becomes much easier as you embrace your power to claim your priorities and your mindset.

That’s because it’s not only WHAT you do, but it’s HOW you do it that makes all the difference.

Step #1

The first step toward abundant living is to fully accept that time is limited.

When you stop trying to cram two days of living into one that means far less frustration and disappointment along the way.

But of course, that act of letting go can leave lots of your plans in limbo. What will you do about those?

Step #2

Try creating clear priorities for yourself.  Once you fully grasp that each day is finite and can’t be stretched, it’s much easier to see how helpful and important it is to set clear priorities.

Creating a clear hierarchy of priorities is a cornerstone of developing an abundance mentality. It’s like strengthening muscles you needed all along, but never knew you had. One muscle you develop is the all-important skill of distinguishing your “wants” from your “needs.”

Simplicity’s reward:

When you can tell your “wants” from your true “needs”, it’s easier to simplify your life without feeling deprived. When you truly accept that some letting go is essential, your resistance to making tough decisions will gradually give way to inner contentment.

It may sound paradoxical, but try it.  It’s like living inside a deep, relaxed breath. Feel your shoulders soften. You will feel the space inside your body relax and expand as you stop trying to wedge yourself into a too-tight schedule. Feeling more relaxed contributes powerfully to a feeling of inner abundance.

Prioritizing and abundant living…

Here’s another paradox: Prioritizing brings freedom and spaciousness. But how?

Well, making the sometimes difficult decisions of setting priorities and then living by them creates more space for you to be yourself.

  • You are more defined and more mature.
  • Simplifying and prioritizing empowers you to step off the treadmill.
  • And the more you experience your personal power through wise time choices, the less you look outside yourself for validation.

That is when your own inner abundance really shines.  This is something you can practice any time, any day. See for yourself how changing your mindset and strengthening your resolve eases your sense of stress and scarcity. The more you practice, the more rewards you enjoy. So, how will you start, today?

Here’s more help with abundant living…

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