Acceptance and Agility Rule: Dance Through Transition Times!

Acceptance and Agility RuleAcceptance and agility are key when it comes to successfully managing yourself and your time as you navigate transitions.  This has been brought home to me in a small, and very concrete way recently, as the temperatures here in New Hampshire have ranged widely.

In the space of just a few hours we’ve gone from humid summer to crisp fall, and I am quite sure that we’ll go back and forth several times more before we settle fully into the new season.  Transition times are like that – changeable!

Acceptance and Agility Rule

There are two keys to successfully navigating transitions.  These keys apply to any transitions, and they are important and necessary no matter how you feel about your transition.  That’s because transitions always place you on unfamiliar ground – whether you are welcoming of the change or not.

So, what are these keys?  They are acceptance and agility, and you can think of them like your two legs – necessary for moving ahead … or for dancing!

Acceptance:  Being Where You Are

You might say that Acceptance is Job #1.  No matter where you are, you need to actually BE THERE in order to have the ground under your feet and make true change possible.  Until you are where you are, you really can’t move.  So taking a deep breath and stepping into acceptance is the best thing you can do to open the doors to whatever comes next.  (And until you do that, you’ll just be fighting yourself.)

Agility:  Stepping into the Dance

Once you’ve accepted where you are, so much becomes possible!  As challenges present themselves, you welcome them as opportunities and unleash your creative potential.  Success builds on success, and you begin to see that you can dance, rather than stumble, through your transitions!

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