Achieve Balance By Giving Creative Intuition a Try


Creative intuition helps you achieve balance.

Want to achieve balance in your life?

Well, first let’s take a step back and ask why it’s important to achieve balance.

Time tips help you manage your whole life, and balance helps you manage your time and energy. It coordinates your life.

After all, without balance, you fall. You run out of patience. You run out of energy, ambition, and heart.

So coming to understand and achieve balance is absolutely essential if you want to effectively manage your time.

To get started, let’s explore an early association with balance that’s been experienced by many children.

Remember playing Statue as a kid?

You’d run, spin, and then freeze, desperately trying to keep your balance when the whistle blew. Anyone who moved or fell down was “out.” It took strength and concentration to hold your pose longer than anyone else could. Were you good at it?

And now, how do you feel when “whistles” blow in your life and stress builds. Do you instinctively try to “fix” things by becoming rigid once again?

Well, the reality is that the more you try to hold tight and control things, the more likely you are to actually lose your balance.

Balance Between Work And Home

Balancing work and the rest of your life can be a perplexing challenge. Have you tried to maintain both by slicing your life into distinct portions? Rarely is coordinating conflicting demands that simple. And what’s difficult to grasp is difficult to put into practice.

Call On Your Creative Intuition

When you explore longstanding patterns it prepares you to move forward. The better you understand how your automatic responses manifest and where they originate, the more easily you can set them aside and experiment with something new. So here are 3 steps to help you use your creative intuition to achieve balance:

  • Ask yourself where you would like to achieve a more satisfying balance.
  • Quickly write the first five to ten words you think of when you think of balance.
  • Next, recall three times you’ve felt balanced in your life. As you write, describe the activities or situations that contributed to this.

How do these descriptions relate to the words you listed? What do you discover?

Balance and Energy

For a fresh perspective, try approaching balance from the vantage point of energy. We hold both masculine and feminine energy, or yin and yang, within us. Masculine energy is traditionally associated with logic, work and taking action. Creativity, nurturance, intuition and compassion are considered to be feminine.

The key to balancing energy is understanding what energizes you and what depletes you. Observe yourself when you are involved with just one kind of energy in your life. For example, does work dominate your thoughts? Do you pressure yourself to achieve success? Or are you drawn to creative daydreaming, nesting, and thinking about how to nurture significant relationships?

Achieve Balance and Create a Bridge

Balancing requires building a bridge that unites these opposite poles. As you combine work activities with self-expression and exploration, you both create and achieve, act and dream.

In this way, you develop a dynamic balance. You integrate masculine and feminine energy and claim it as your own energy.

An Evolving Exploration

Juggling conflicting demands can feel like a tiresome chore. But when you view achieving balance as a  path to living more fully, you bring enthusiasm and creativity to the venture.

So I invite you to embrace balancing as a way to support your ongoing health and happiness. Observe yourself as you move through your day. Notice where and how you integrate your masculine and feminine energy. And welcome each opportunity to match your energy to the unique moment you are in.

Developing this intuitive and dynamic flow will revolutionize your capacity to stand in your power. So what will be your first step to start doing that today?

Want more help?

Setting and maintaining boundaries is a skill that makes everything else in your life possible. Boundaries help you achieve balance. And managing them can be a difficult challenge for lots of smart, motivated people. People like you.

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