Agility, Aging, Retirement, and the Hidden Gifts of Change

Agility Forward Flexibility

Agility helps you find the gifts…

The changes that come with aging demand lots of things from us. And interestingly, one of the keys to navigating this life transition is agility.

Finding time and knowing when to stick to priorities and when to be agile and hold them loosely, in the midst of changes can be a challenge.

And those changes may be reflected in everyday flux, or they may be more gradual evolutions like aging or retirement.

Here’s an everyday example: Yesterday was sunny and unseasonably warm here in New Hampshire. This morning there’s a coating of frost on the ground and a light jacket definitely won’t be enough to stay warm.  Depending on your plans, you’ll need to adapt, OR you’ll be uncomfortable doing your errands.

The changes that come with aging may be subtle or they may catch you up short from time to time. Maybe tasks take longer than they used to. Or maybe your exercise regimen needs to be adapted in recognition of physical changes.

Change is always with us.

Change is one of the few things that we can count on in life.

And yet change, ironically, is something that we perpetually struggle to make our peace with. It represents a shift from whatever we had in mind, or whatever state we had become used to.

Even if the change you’re experiencing is one that you feel good about, it still requires an adjustment, and that’s not generally something we welcome.

Agility is your key…

So, while planning is important if you want to use your time well and wisely, agility is also a key factor in finding time. Agility enables you to adapt your plans to the changing terrain.

And, beyond adapting, agility helps you open your eyes to the opportunities that come as changes evolve. While we may have a knee-jerk reaction that involves backing away from change, it’s important to remember the opportunities it holds.

Change always comes bearing gifts.  ~Price Pritchett

An agile mindset allows you to embrace the challenges that change can present.

Working with change changes everything…

Like an athlete or a dancer, accessing your strength and creativity enables you to respond to change as something you welcome and work with – rather than as an alien, invasive force you must work against.

This strength-based and open-hearted approach to change, in turn, lets you see possibilities that you are blind to if you approach change from a victim stance.

How will you let yourself embrace and move toward change with agility and grace today?

Reflect, at the end of the day, and ask yourself how this worked for you.

And here’s more help for you…

Retirement marks a profound shift in how you spend your time. It can be very unsettling, and it also offers rich opportunities. Grounded in your own truth, you’ll make more satisfying plans and choices as you move into this transition because they’ll be congruent with your values.

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