Aging Creatively — These 4 A’s Will Help

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Aging creatively is possible for each of us…

Aging creatively is within your reach no matter how old you are.

And I’ve got 4 timely tips to help you transition successfully as you navigate the developmental stages of living.

Growing into your power as you age requires that you engage in a constant process of recognition and readjustment. This leads to transformational evolution.

And the more wholeheartedly you engage, the more creativity you bring to each challenge. As you do this, you reap profound rewards, ripening into a seasoned and resilient sage.

Middle age often awakens this opportunity. You are actually always in a state of change and transition, of course. Yet you generally notice these changes only when you bump up against your limits.

Aging creatively no matter what…

But navigating this terrain needn’t be a jarring experience. The more proactively you face the inevitability of change, the less disconcerting new developments seem when you experience them firsthand.

Let’s say you are someone who has always enjoyed being energetic, efficient, and productive. You may notice a shift in what you are able to accomplish in a particular span of time. It happens gradually, but the realization may come upon you suddenly.

Perhaps one evening you find yourself feeling puzzled and frustrated; you just can’t pack as much into a 3-hour span as you used to. This is normal, if not welcome. You may experience upsurges in stamina, and then downturns. Over time, the cumulative effect is a lessening of vitality. And this gradual waning continues, for as long as you are lucky enough to be here.

Following are four tips to direct your energy for adjusting to your transitions.

4 A’s of Aging Creatively


Accepting reality provides a solid foundation to build on. It involves both seeing what is, and also honestly experiencing your feelings about what you are confronting.  By refusing to accept your aging, you will constantly be caught off guard, painfully colliding with inevitable changes that you have denied or ignored. But if you accept what is, everything that you see clearly, you can utilize. Furthermore, your realism amplifies your resilience.


Once you have accepted the fact of change, you liberate your energy and creativity to proactively meet each challenge you encounter.  This may mean changing the way you do things.  It will also entail modifying your expectations, fitting them to life as it is. Paradoxically, genuinely coming to terms with the limits of your control helps you direct your energy more effectively to what you can change. So the net result is that you will actually be exercising more power than ever before.


As a former dancer, agility has always been a foundational skill for me. So I love bringing it into my aging process. And its importance extends to my responding with nimbleness to any challenge.  I generate heightened alertness and unconditional commitment to meet each moment with my full power. Ultimately, this is a vital resource as I journey through time.


Acceptance opens the door to creativity. And the quality of acceptance includes a commitment to self-acceptance. Face your aging and anchor yourself in the present, making the most of your ever-changing resources in an ever-changing world. Identify the age-related shifts you notice as you move through your day. How does each one affect your energy, focus, and productivity?  Try tracking this for a week and see what you learn. And don’t forget to welcome and process your feelings about your discoveries. These are areas that you are likely to experience as losses initially.  As you accept this, you can transform it.

So, how will you incorporate the 4-A’s of Aging Creatively as you navigate your own changes, starting today?

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