Anniversaries are Important — How to Honor Them in Your Life

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Anniversaries are important — open to their messages.

Anniversaries are important.

It’s true, but what does that statement bring to mind for you?



Deaths or other losses?

Well, making time to acknowledge anniversaries, be they happy ones or ones that mark difficult experiences or times of loss, always deepens your relationship with yourself and your time.

If you think about it, our lives are filled with anniversaries, many of which we probably don’t acknowledge … or even remember. Yet, we can be affected by anniversaries, even if we don’t consciously recall them.

One example of how anniversaries are important:

I had one such experience on Saturday when I woke to snow falling outside.  I’m not a big fan of snow, but my response to the sound of the flakes hitting my window was much stronger than I’d expect.  It was almost a feeling of dread.

What I quickly realized was that I was actually harkening back to a day, many years ago now, when New Hampshire had one of its worst ice storms on record.  WHere on the farm we lost power for almost two weeks. And we cleaned up debris in our fields and their surrounding woods for many months after.

Honoring the power of anniversaries…

When I knew that I was responding to this anniversary, I was able to pause and explore my feelings about it. Knowing where the feelings were coming from made a huge difference. And afterward, that dread was gone. Even better, I had replaced it with a sense of warm connection with myself.

This acknowledgment of the events of our lives honors our stories (and ourselves) in a very real and healing way. 

Strengthen your connection as you move ahead…

Each time you go deeper you forge an ever-stronger connection with yourself. And this allows you to move forward in your life with strength and dignity.  You accept and celebrate your life stories. As you do, you become more visible to yourself.

And your stories add to your wisdom, rather than becoming unconscious limits on your possibilities.

So, what anniversaries do you mark in your life? What others might be affecting you subconsciously? Would you like to open to them, too? How will you do that?

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