Anniversaries Offer Rich Flavoring to Your Time Whenever You Remember Them


Anniversaries are powerful markers.

Finding time to honor anniversaries, be they happy ones or ones that mark difficult times or times of loss, always deepens our experience of time.

If you think about it, our lives are filled with anniversaries.

And we probably don’t acknowledge, or even remember, many of them.

Indeed, you’re affected by anniversaries, even if you don’t consciously call them to mind.

Anniversaries are Powerful

Any season is chock full of anniversaries for people. I invite you to pause for a moment right now. Reflect on the memorable markers at this time of year in your life.

Maybe it’s the first Thanksgiving for a grandchild or the last family get-together that included a particular friend or relative. The moments bubble up, and each brings its own unique meaning.

Sometimes it’s people, and sometimes it’s other things…

Then there’s the weather. We had some snow squalls here in New Hampshire yesterday.  I’m not a big fan of snow. But my response to the sound of the flakes blowing against my window was much stronger than I’d expect.  It was almost a feeling of dread.

What I quickly remembered was that the first snow nearly always evokes a terrible ice storm we had here. It was quite a few years ago now but was a huge mess. We lost power for almost two weeks and had to clean up felled trees and other debris for many months afterward.

Remember and Explore

When I recognize that I’m responding to an anniversary, I pause and explore my feelings about it.  This invariably deepens my experience and leaves me with a sense of warm connection with myself.

This acknowledgment of the events of our lives honors our stories (and ourselves) in a very real and healing way.  Each time we “go deeper” we forge an ever-stronger connection with ourselves, and this allows us to move forward in our lives with strength and dignity.

We accept and celebrate our stories, but are not necessarily bound to them self-in limiting ways.

Anniversaries and You…

So, what anniversaries do you mark in your life? And do you think there may be others that affect you subconsciously?  Would you like to open to them, too?

I’d love to hear about what you discover as you explore this.

And here’s something more…

And it’s not just anniversaries that have an impact on our moments.

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Let’s explore time together …

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