Ask Paula – I’d Like to Savor My Time, But How Can I? I’m Just Too Busy!

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Savor this moment – yes you can!

Yesterday I shared 5 Tips to help you savor your moments while you traverse transitions.

That prompted the following question from Nancy in Rockport, Massachusetts:

I love autumn, and appreciate your encouragement to enjoy it. But my business is tourist-based, and I feel swamped with special demands.

How can I find time for myself when I’m working double-time to meet my guests’ needs?

Steps to Help You Savor — No Matter What!

Hi Nancy,

First, thank yourself for remembering that you have needs, too!

So, to help you make some time to savor the moments, even when you’re busy, I suggest the following steps:

1. Where do you need help?

Grab a paper and pen and briefly list 3 ways you tend to neglect yourself as pressure mounts.

For example, do you skimp on sleep, reach for the fast food, or forget to take a walk?

Don’t judge yourself as you do this. If you do, you’re likely to skip over or miss something important. Just be objective.

2. And what do you need?

Now, state your absolute minimum requirements, and commit to meeting them.

What keeps you healthy and focused?

  • Jot down ideas for quick but nourishing meals you can quickly throw together, and add the ingredients to your grocery list right now.
  • Call a local friend and schedule a daily walk that can clear your mind of worries and recharge your batteries.

Remember that your business depends on you, and you are investing in your success as you consistently meet your baseline requirements!

3. Affirm yourself.

Create an affirmation that lovingly reminds you that you are worth your very best efforts.

If possible, also identify favorite times of day when you can step outside for a few moments. Commit to breathing in the fresh air, and repeating your affirmation to yourself daily. By adding the “timeless” to your time, you nourish your spirit and maintain your morale.

You may be surprised by how effectively these simple action steps help restore your energy and sense of owning your time.

Best of luck to you!


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