OMG, We Have to Move – Paula, Help!

Our posts about sudden change have yielded quite a few questions and what I’ll call “OMG e-mails” from readers who have been thrown off-balance by sudden changes in their lives. So I thought I’d share one here. This is from Theresa in Chicago, and she has an immediate 

Perfection Paralysis 2 – Ask Paula

Perfection paralysis plagues many smart, successful people. Are you one of them? If so, you’re not alone. Here’s a question we received after yesterday’s post. It’s from Marina, in Albuquerque:

Projects – Manage Expectations and Find Time

As fall unfolds, how many projects do you have on our plate? And, more to the point, how are you managing them? Whether you’re in school, a parent, an entrepreneur or a coach, you probably have lots of projects percolating and maybe an equal number coming due. It 

Time Boundaries and Time Balance: Just Ask Paula!

Boundaries are essential tools for successfully navigating through your days and getting things done.  Today I’d like to share a question from a reader. It’s a question about boundaries and it offers an opportunity to explore how your time boundaries help you 

Find Time to Adjust to Aging – Just Ask Paula!

Finding time to get everything done is always a challenge.  And it’s a challenge that can be heightened as we adjust, each of us, to our own aging processes. How do you adjust to aging?  Is it an issue that you grapple with? Aging in Oklahoma Here’s a timely question that we recently received from…

Find Time by Breaking Your Gargantuan Goals into Actionable Steps!

Finding time to get everything you need to do onto your To Do Lists … and then manage those lists so that they are actionable and don’t overwhelm you … is really worth the up front investment.  It takes practice and commitment, and no one system is going to be a perfect fit for everyone.…

Finding Time to Revise A Holiday Tradition? Just Ask Paula!

Finding time to create templates so that you can efficiently follow through on your holiday tasks, routines, and traditions is an excellent, time-saving tool. But how do you find time to keep your templates up-to-date?  And what do you do when you want to revise them … but you’re not the only person affected? That’s…