Assertiveness and Time – 5 Tips for Setting Effective Boundaries

Time and Money

Your time is more precious than money!

Assertiveness is a key skill to develop when it comes to maximizing your productivity and your overall satisfaction about how you use your time.

That’s because we all have multiple pressures on our time.

Competing priorities and others’ needs all demand our attention, and we are constantly making time choices. Why is this important?  Well, here’s a quote from Jim Rohn that sums it up very well:

“Time is more valuable than money. You can get
more money, but you cannot get more time.”

When it comes to time, the playing field is absolutely level.  You’re as rich as Bill Gates in terms of life’s most precious commodity!

But if your assertiveness skills are lacking, you may find that you often sacrifice your valuable time to others’ demands. That’s frustrating and, if you think about it in terms of money, it’s like throwing dollars to the wind.

So, I’d like to help you take charge of your time and your life right now by offering you these 5 assertiveness tips for setting effective boundaries.

Assertiveness Keeps Your Time Wealth in Your Hands

Assertiveness skills are an absolutely essential and often overlooked tool. You can develop clear priorities and create a great to-do list, but if you’re not assertive, others can and will override your time choices.

Like the kid whose lunch money is stolen by the class bully, you need to protect your time wealth in a way that keeps you in charge without needlessly antagonizing others.

Establishing and maintaining your boundaries prevents others from begging, borrowing, and bullying you to give away your time. It may feel impossible now, but with practice and determination, you will make it second nature.

5 Key Tips for Establishing Assertive Boundaries Successfully:

  • You make the choices. No matter how strong the personalities of those around you, they simply cannot take time that you don’t give. Embracing this assertive truth helps you claim your power.
  • Set the stage to assert your boundaries. Set aside time when others are most likely to be receptive, use words they can hear, and explain your boundaries as calmly and pleasantly as you can.
  • Provide a context. People are much more likely to support you when they understand that your goal is not to punish or manipulate them, but to reach goals you deeply value.
  • Forget fruitlessly attempting to control others’ responses. Making assertive time choices calmly and compassionately and accepting others’ right to their feelings is the key to staying in charge of your time.
  • Maintain your boundaries. The longer you safeguard them, the less people will test your resolve.

You’ll soon enjoy one of life’s great discoveries. Protecting your time feels like finding time!

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