Awakenings, Travel Vision, and Time Transformation

Irish Coast near Bray

Awakenings – they’re your choice in each moment.

Awakenings don’t have to be limited to the dawning light of morning. No, they can happen any time.

I like to think of Awakenings as small choices you and I make to open our minds and our eyes and touch life directly. Awakenings are vivid and electric. They transform our moments and, by extension, ourselves.

If you’re someone who’s traveled, I invite you to reflect on how awake you feel when you are exploring a new part of the world. Remember how the sights, sounds, and smells flood your senses and lodge in your  consciousness. Alive, alert, you’re seeing with new eyes — bringing beginner’s mind to the vistas you encounter.

Everyday Awakenings

So the question is how to bring that quality of awareness and connection to our daily lives. And again, I’ll say that it’s a matter of choice – of a shift.

“The way we choose to see the world creates the world we see.”
~ Barry Neil Kaufman

Here are 3 ideas for introducing small awakenings to your day:

  • Pause periodically and just look around. Settle on one object and really look at it. What makes it unique? Let it bloom into your consciousness.
  • The next time you’re outside, pretend you’re in another country and have never before seen the sights that surround you. How does this change things? What strikes you?
  • When you’re out and about, try a different route to a usual place. Maybe take a side street or, if you’re walking, go the opposite of the way you usually do. What do you notice?

Changing things up can lead to awakenings, as can the simple choice to focus more deeply on the familiar.

Whatever you do to tap into this power, know that it is power and it is transformative. Even a small shift changes the quality of your time. And there really is no limit to how deep and how far you can go with this.

So, here’s to your awakenings, as you make the invisible visible and become your own time expert in each unfolding moment.

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