Awareness and Flexibility, Your Powerful Goal-Setting Twosome

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Awareness and flexibility help…

What do I mean by using words like ‘awareness’ and ‘flexibility’ when I write about goal-setting?

Well, finding time to set goals for yourself creates two states of mind. Both can improve your life whether you achieve your objectives or not.  They are awareness and flexibility.

Traction comes into play under the state of mind that I call “awareness.”

If you’re like many, you may think that once a goal is set, it shouldn’t be changed. That firmness of purpose is where your traction comes in. And it’s important.

But do you see your only options as either achieving your goals or not?  I think a lot of us do.

And that’s why I encourage you to consider how counter-productive it is to eliminate any middle ground.

Awareness and flexibility.

When you focus solely on your awareness of your goal, you set yourself up to either succeed or fail. Yet experience demonstrates that many goals are not achieved. Or they certainly aren’t achieved on the first try.

So, you might begin to question the value of goal-setting. After all, why create a situation in which you are more likely to fail than to succeed?

Why set yourself up to feel like you have failed?

Think of your goals as a blueprint.

A good alternative approach for setting goals is to see them as a blueprint for what you wish to accomplish. Think about building a house. There are so many small but significant changes that are made to the blueprint along the way.

Setting personal and professional goals can be viewed just like that.

You create a frame that describes the desired results.  Then, as you work toward your goal, you give yourself the flexibility to re-examine your original outcome and adjust it based on an evolving and more informed viewpoint. 

No one can know everything about a desired outcome before beginning to work on it.

So definitely continue to set goals. Acknowledge the value these goals have as a blueprint for accomplishing your objectives. At the same time, recognize that these goals, like a blueprint, probably will need to be adjusted, modified, or even changed as you begin to work toward them. 

Flexibility actually GIVES you traction.

Seeing that this flexibility is inherent in the process of goal-setting could change your entire attitude about setting goals. It definitely will enable you to avoid the discouraging pattern of either complete success or complete failure.

Best of all, having an attitude of reasonable flexibility helps you maintain your commitment, motivation, and enthusiasm. That’s the traction you need, as you work to move from where you are to where you want to be.

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